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There are more girls being born compared to boys. Michael Moore refers to it as, “The End of Men” in his book “Stupid White Men“. According to Michael this is happening in the USA.

When Micheal was young (I’m guessing something like 40 years ago), the ratio was about 50-50. 50-50 meaning there were about the same amount of males and females. Then the ratio went 49-51, with males in the minority. Soon the ratio will be 48-52. The book was published in 2001-2002 so we might be at 48-52. I’m not sure if this is happening all over the world, or just in the states. I would bet that it’s not an isolated thing and is global. Michael thinks more women are being born because men are dangerous, destructive, crazy, etc (which is really just a deeply entrenched ego). He goes on to say that Mother Earth’s defense to the tendencies of man is to kill them off, so that the planet can survive.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point of this post, this is only a theory. Maybe Mother Nature, God, or some other Divine Force is doing something different than weeding out males. If you think about Hermetic Circles for a second, the ones that Ideagasms is about, you will notice that there is 1 male living with multiple females. can you see where I’m going with this now? The ratio in Hermetic Circles is that females are easily the majority. Maybe this Divine Force has another grand plan for males. Good news is that we don’t need to wait. Eckhart Tolle in his book “The New Earth,” tells us how flowers were once an isolated phenomenon. Then one day after a critical threshold was reached, flowers were everywhere. Stephane also told us the story of the monkeys on two islands. Teach the first island how to do something, go to the second island, and they are already doing the task you taught the monkeys on the first island because the critical threshold was reached.

I don’t mind being one of the monkeys on the first island right now. Ok maybe I’m not on the first island yet, however Stephane is, and possibly others who inhabit this forum. So if you are ready, God Speed on your path. I will work vigorously to get on the first island. Personally I know that I need more experience with one women before I live with two or even three women. I know this will be made easier with my Chakra meds in one hand, Squirt DVD in the other and the GTP coming soon. I’ll be ready in no time.

So don’t wait for evolution to take place. It could take 500 years or more. Act now and join “Squirt Master” Stepahane and others on the first island now, it’s probably lonely for them. Actually with all those girls I’m sure their content.