Len Pienaar First National BankAnyone. Any Cellphone. Any network. Anywhere. Anytime!What are the needs of users and the challenge for the bank? First National Bank is leading mobile banking provider among entry level consumers. Len Pienaar, head of Mobile & Transact Solutions, FNB, believes that the “wireless tech evolution is inevitable” as quoted in Arthur Goldstuck’s recent book, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to going Wireless”. He continued where he left off at last year’s conference, remaining more optimistic about FNB’s mobile banking success. Mobile banking allows people to request mini-statements, balance, buy airtime as well as do transfers and payments to third parties. Mobile banking like the ATM is available 24/7 and “no banking or shopping hours” apply. The inContact SMS notification service has also been a huge factor contributing to the enormous success of FNB’s in this mobile banking space. Essentially it continually reinforces the trust relationship between the bank and its clients. And there is nothing like trust that builds loyalty among your client.