Vodacom as a co-sponsor of 2006 MyADSL broadband conference, Vodacome has every reason to celebrate. In 2006 Vodacom continued not only to be ‘South Africa’s leading cellular network’ but also a key advocate of mobile broadband. Chris Ross the Managing Executive of Products and Services at Vodacom strategically analysed Vodacom’s broadband technologies such as HSDPA, 3G and others. Speaking in an audience that among them were MTN , Vodacom’s competitor, his presentation was far more strategic than anything. Vodacome ‘s broadband connectivity is rated the best , on average Vodacom has 84 % on HSDPA compared with its rival MTN’s 81 %.This alone has earned Vodacom the 1st position with iBurst coming second-for more on Vodacom ‘s Data offerings click Yebo Broadband.