Cellphone LockersOne of the recommendations I’m making in severe cases of MXit / cellphone addiction is for schools is to ban cellphones. There is no laws to enforce this and no regulations I’m aware of from the Department of Education. However, one of the emails I’ve received since the Parents’ Guide to MXit has been released in November is the following:

Dear Ramon

My company, Security Cell-Lock, provides schools in SA with a ‘lock up your cellphone during school hours’ system. Learners are playing MXit and sms’ing during the school day. To prevent a total ban we install our units so that the schools have their own ‘safe’ for each learner. It takes away the responsibility from the school and still allows the learner to be accessable to and from school. This keeps mom and dad happy, the school happy and the learner happy (well almost because he cannot play during school time anymore, but he/she is there to learn).

Please contact Brandon Lindsay on Tel: 021 686 3305 or on his company webiste here.