Its now official MXit has broken through 3 million users. This is really a phenomenal success for a South African born and bred company. The purchase by Naspers of 30% in MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd, will accelerate the roll out internationally. Herman Heunis, CEO of MXit Lifestyle, says they are still growing at between 9,000 and 12,000 users per day. And I still think it may be higher.

Anyway at this growth rate MXit will hit 4 million by April. As you can imagine this growth means that the amount of abuse, addiction associated with it will grow as well. And I’d like to remind you that at the low end that about 3% and its more likely to be about 6-9% of all users have some form of addiction. Which puts the range between 90,000 and 270,000 users.

You may also want to read this interview with Herman Heunis on Moneyweb on 26 January 2007. Please post your comment on this and let me know how you feel about MXit’s business success?