People who are regular users of the Internet often assume others understand why it is significant. So it goes for people who are heavy users of cellphones, they often assume everyone else should by default understand how easy it is, how cheap it is, and how convenient it is to use. Internet banking has been available in South Africa since 1997. Cellphone banking has been around since about 2000 or 2001. I worked for ABSA and used their cellphone banking system in 2001. And it was brilliant – smooth – easy – convenient, etc. The vision of my company has always been to educate people, non-technical people i.e. people who do not work with technology or in the IT industry, about the benefits of using technology.

So it comes as no surprise that a new survey finds that lack of information is blamed for the slow adoption of cellphone banking. In South Africa the powers that be is always talking about the unbanked. And cellphone banking is believed to be the solution to that. Read the full article here.