Now and again we stand in front of a crowd to do a little motivation!

But what do you do when there is just nothing left – and all these words fly by – like a super highway?

What works for me is –
You know when you look back on your life and certain moments’ just jumps out at you.
Moments that really changed your life?

Life defining moments – these are called Kairos moments
The name Kairos is explained as a suitable word for a company that is able to identify growth opportunities and through astute management, magnify the benefits to investors

(a Greek word for – time that stands separate from other periods)

Why Kairos and what does it mean for us?

We all meet people daily, people who are tired of where they are right now and who have a dream or a vision of where they want to be.

And without realizing it – we can be part of their Kairos – and this becomes our Kairos – that moment – that magic!

It doesn’t matter for how a short period; or how many years we spend at a company.

YOU – whether a senior person or not – have the opportunity to create Kairos moments on a daily basis

We have a profound impact on people just by listening and making them feel understood.

(As Mike Lejeune said – Ahh – someone gets me)

Every call that you take, every conversation with colleagues, clients and candidates is a possible Kairos moment.

Treat it as such!