After more than a year of planning and development, we’re excited to today unveil the new TED Books App. Since launching TED Books in early 2010, we’ve been dreaming of how to meld the experience of book reading with the game-changing potential of the tablet.

The TED Books platform provides the surprises you’d expect in the age of the tablet: glorious images, video, audio, links to maps, online resources, search, commenting, sharing, automatically updated editions, and much more. But, crucially, the delight of reading is retained, combining new media wizardry with the lure of the written word.

Download the free iOS app from the App Store here!

And did we mention that our authors rock? Most of them have given TED Talks, but the books can dig much deeper into their subject matter. From the future of humanity to the secrets of happiness, these books offer transformational thinking at the touch of a finger. Finally, founding subscribers get all the TED Books in our back catalog free.