Book 2 – How To Beat The Energy Thieves
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Jess Miller has been my friend since the year 2000 when we made contact via an email discussion forum on the Internet. He’s book, HOW TO BEAT THE ENERGY THIEVES – Book 2, is a series of helpful advice you would expect from a dear friend. He’s wisdom is steeped in a deep resonance with

The Surprising Truth About Sales
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Bestselling author of Drive and star of the most-viewed RSA Animate, Dan Pink visits the RSA to explore the ways in which we can all improve our everyday sales skills, and identifies the personal qualities and essential skills necessary to move people. Look up Dr John Demartini’s value system. Speak in terms of other’s people’s

Mr Happy Man – I Love You
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Just when I was feeling down, the Universe send me to this video. There is something reminiscent here of the Free Hug campaign. After watching this I couldn’t help thinking of the story always shared by Dr John Demartini – he used to do seminars with Louise Hay. And in all her seminars she used

Voyeurism not Vanity Drives The Internet
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Television became the de-facto voyeurism tool with the arrival of “reality television” like the many incarnations of Big Brother or Survivor. The seemingly random opportunity to see naked bodies is like playing a sexually driven slot machine in the privacy of your own home. You become not only addicted to the moving images, the lights

Stand Up and Cheer, but Hit ‘Pause’ First
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NEVER mind that the Brooklyn Nets are circling the Milwaukee Bucks down on the floor of the new Barclays Center. Peter and Maria Hoey   In a suite overlooking the home-side backboard, Chip Foley is watching the basketball game via live video feeds on his iPhone and iPad. Mr. Foley is the director of building technology

Using MOOC to upgrade Education in Rural Areas
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UNISA has made distance learning a common practise in South Africa. It’s position is entrenched more so after the 2004 merger with Technikon RSA. The next evolution in distance learning beyond e-learning or computer-based training is Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC. This is made possible with the pervasiveness of broadband Internet. MOOC is a