Ubuntu Community Development Solutions (NPO 2015/029600/08) was created to assist in all parts of socioeconomic development in our hometown of Uitenhage. The directors saw a need for a young, productive
and driven organisation to take the lead in fighting our most common community problems head on and
creating self-sustainable solutions for the future.

Ubuntu Community Development Solutions

Aims and objectives:

  • The active development and protection of our underprivileged children
  • Creating self-sustainable solutions against poverty and crime
  • Educating children and adults on life skills and self-development
  • Uniting our community by hosting projects that are open to all cultures, races and languages
  • The uplifting of our environment through various projects

Our hometown of Uitenhage is a beautiful, productive little industrial town with many historic buildings and sites. So beautiful, in fact, that it came to be known as the Garden Town of South Africa. The people are friendly and for the most part open-hearted. Unfortunately, like many industrial towns, poverty is the order of the day for many of our residents. At least 35% live just shy of the breadline. This has been the case for the last two generations and it has contributed to a new anger and hard-heartedness in our people. It has affected all races that reside here.

At UCDS our mission is to uplift our hometown and to restore trust, faith and commitment in our residents so that we may all take an active part to physically restore our parks, community areas and socio-economic issues. We believe that we can restore Uitenhage to its former glory if we all open our hearts and unite towards this common goal.

UCDS Our Partners:

  • SAPS Uitenhage
  • Community Police Forum Uitenhage
  • Department of Social Development Uitenhage
  • Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture
  • Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
  • Rape Crisis Centre Uitenhage
  • Round Table 14 Uitenhage
  • Local Provincial hospitals and clinic
  • Local councilors from various parties

Directors and Management:

  • Angelique Nell (Managing Director / Project Manager)
  • Phungezwa Veronica Marwana (Assistant Manager)
  • Michael Moabelo Koenaite (Director)
  • Lilly De Jong (Director)
  • Mncedikasi TS Mjana (Director)
  • Famheeda Jaffar (Director)

Project History:

South African Police Service –CPF –Executive Member –Secretary
Co-founder and organizer of the Uitenhage Market (1 Dec 2013 –20 Oct 2014)
Project Manager for Braai Day World Record Attempt 2014 (Uitenhage)
Project Manager for several jacket and clothes drives for the underprivileged
Assistant volunteer for Reach for Recovery and co-host for Annual Christmas function
Future Projects:
Ikhaya Lobuntu (Child Drop In centre and development care centre for street children)
UCDS Garden Town Project (Restoring main parks and providing community gardens)
National Braai Day
Various collection and donation campaignsOther projects to be added as the needs of the community are further analysed

PR and Advertising Management:

We use many avenues of advertising and publicity to make residents aware of our projects and also to ask the community for assistance in some of the projects that we run. As we are a Non-Profit Organisation we rely solely on donations and sponsorships from the public and local businesses and organisations. We use the following means of advertising and PR campaigns:

  • Facebook
  • E-mail, sms and whatsapp
  • UD News (Uitenhage / Despatch Local Newspaper)
  • The Herald (Port Elizabeth)
  • Die Burger (Port Elizabeth)
  • The Daily Sun (Uitenhage / Kwanobuhle)
  • Posters and banners in public areas
  • Flyers
  • Ongoing meetings with potential stakeholders
  • Ongoing meetings with various local authorities


About Uitenhage, the garden town

In 1804, JA Uitenhage de Mist, Commissioner-General of the Batavian Republic, instructed Captain Alberti to select a site for the new Drostdy (Eastern Cape District). Alberti chose a site on the banks of the Zwartkops River Valley, because of the favourable climate and abundant water supply. As a result, Uitenhage (also known as the Garden Town) was originally the headquarters of the Eastern Cape. Located only 35 km from Port Elizabeth, today Uitenhage is a thriving industrial and commercial town and forms part of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. Uitenhage is home to Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Ltd, one of three motor manufacturers in the Eastern Cape. The surrounding area also encompasses the pristine Groendal Wilderness Area, that provides a host of eco-outdoor activities.