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Business Analysis is a process produces something of value to the business. The elementary process is the lowest level of work that can be performed with business meaning. It must describe what is done not how. And it’s about describing the business not the technology. Documenting business information rules not entity relationships. Users will perceive

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Topic: Project Failures Modes: Lessons from the Field Roger Layton is a witty and inspirational speaker. The many years he spent lecturing and training comes through in the smooth delivery of his presentation. He is by far one of the best of the entire Futurex Conference speakers. In light of the eNatis failure people outside

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Lauri worked for several Fortune 500 companies including Xerox. She discussed the importance of stakeholder management and relationships. There is a shift in power to the masses instead of the elite. And with this there is rising power in emerging markets instead of traditional markets. And as Stephen Covey once said, interdependence instead of independence

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Elmar Roberg, a past president of the Computer Society, and current president of the Project Management Institute discusses Project Management the State of the Art. Here is my 2nd video podcast interview with Elmar Roberg: Elmar quoted Tom DeMarco as saying “people under pressure don’t think twice as fast.” Bad decisions are made when technology

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Anthony Fitzhenry, CEO of Axiz, and IT Personality of the Year 2006, delivered the opening address at the annual Futurex Conference. The conference is co-located with the Futurex and Equip exhibition, which is possibly the biggest ICT exhibition in Africa. This is really a stunning presentation because it is about you, the consumer and eventually

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The Futurex Exhibition is the biggest ICT event of the year. And it coincides with World Telecomms Day on 17 May. Futurex is also the merger of the old Computer Faire and Tel.Com Exhibition run by Computer Society up until the merger. And with the exhibition there is also the Futurex Conference that takes place

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I received this response from John Farquhar after I emailed him about Duncan McLeod in Financial Mail’s column Newspapers R.I.P. Thanks for the link to Mcleods column There are two kind of people in business. Those who live in the real world and those who fantasise about tomorrow’s where the old will be replaced by

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I’ve been a user of Google Video and Youtube for several months now. Maybe I am fortunate here in South Africa because I’ve had an ADSL link for more then 2 years and I recently got a Wifi networking going. So I’m surfing the net all the time for cool things. A big distraction is