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Using Microsoft’s recent acquisition of a $240 million stake in Facebook as the point of departure: 1. What does Microsoft’s stake in Facebook practically translate into for the company? And for the site’s users? Facebook now has a partner who can fund further expansion and growth as the need arises. Microsoft gains a very strong

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First the good: Along with automation, customisation of content will continue to be refined and personalised. This is best illustrated by the Orwellian future vision in the Epic 2014 video clip: Maybe the biggest gold rush for the next 100 years is the integration of the Web with the human mind. Sony has already taken

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Net filters, Web sites help shield children from predators By Jeff Smith, Rocky Mountain News Englewood physician Gregory Papadeas already has gone through the experience of his 9-year-old seeing an obscene image inadvertently pop up on a computer screen. She told him about it. He’s already gone through the frank talk with his 13-year-old daughter

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Last week I had a small crises when my hosting company disabled this website and several others due to a PHP error on the server. I had been travelling and missed several emails they sent me warning me to take action and resolve this problem, which on the shared hosting platform was causing problems for

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Last Friday I was interviewed on the Midday Report with Chris Gibbons. This is a very fast paced show which addresses everything from business to politics and what lies in between. The topic was who’s editing Wikipedia which has been driving up a storm of online commentary. A Caltech graduate Virgin Griffith has developed an

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Online shopping has taken off in South Africa and here’s some useful tips on how to avoid getting robbed in broad cyber light. With over 800 local ecommerce website to choose from and thousands upon thousands of international websites like Amazon.com and others it has become much more acceptable to purchase goods online. According to

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My mentor Arthur Goldstuck has just released his latest statics on Internet growth in South Africa. According to his annual study growth has slowed down to 3% per annum and by the end of 2007 we will have ONLY 3.85 million South Africans online. This is including the explosion of access since broadband became available

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To vote for your favourite Web application go to the Webware 100 website here.  

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Patrick Awuah left Microsoft to found Asheshi University. The questions of transformation in Africa is a question of leadership. He gives a shocking example of two incidents at a hospital when they lost power. Learned about courage when stopped at age 16 and stopped by soldiers who wanted him to join some protesters. He found

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Being rich not only gets you the best cars, houses, luxuries, clothes, health care, insurance, entertainment, you also get more out of using the Internet. To put it bluntly when you are wealthier you tend to be more educated and therefore have a more specific reason for using the Internet. And some new research by