Yebo Broadband:'great performance and excellent mobility'

Vodacom as a co-sponsor of 2006 MyADSL broadband conference, Vodacome has every reason to celebrate. In 2006 Vodacom continued not only to be ‘South Africa’s leading cellular network’ but also a key advocate of mobile broadband. Chris Ross the Managing Read More →

Digital Migration: 4 % broadband connectivity!

This week a new BMI-TechKnowledge report states that 5% broadband connectivity was just a dream. The report suggest that only 4% seem to be feasible of a population of 50-million people in 2010.Where did this digital migration emerged? In October Read More →

New Mobile Broadband Report

The latest mobile broadband report has been released by MyADSL. Moneyweb has an excellent write-up with a nice summarised snapshot here. As a long time ADSL user I have consider getting wireless broadband now that I have a laptop with Read More →

Can You Believe It – 100 Million Websites!

Jakob Nielsen has his eye on the ball. In his latest Alertbox column, which he has been writing since 1996, he explains how we’ve reached 100 million websites. Remember Google and other search engines list “web pages” which is the Read More →

Mobile Bereaucracy!

Trapped in the democratic bureaucracy-thats the best word to define the state on MNP in the mobile industry in South Africa, early mid last month when Mr. Paris Mashile made a presentation at Mobility Conference it emerged as if ICASA Read More →

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 available

The browser wars are here again! I’ve been on the Internet since 1993 and its amazing to see that we can still get excited when a new web browser version is released. When the Netscape browser was killed by Microsoft Read More →