Online replaces telly and print for teens

This is not exactly news for me because I’ve been following these trends internationally from the annual reports published by the Centre for the Digital Future.

Here’s the South African perspective.

A recent survey by found that more South Africans teenagers are spending time online than watching television or reading magazines and newspapers.

This is attributed to an increase in households with broadband connections.

The study found that 47.1 percent of teenagers access the internet from home, and 10.7 percent at school.

Of the girls aged between12 and 24, 37.2 percent of them browse the net for a few hours each day, with 17.4 percent logging in at least once a day and 38.1 percent a few times a week.

These teenagers spend their time on the net “window shopping” for their next offline purchase, among other things.


Jump Around Shopping

My friends over at Jump has launched South Africa’s first shopping search engine. I must say I’m really impressed that this is the product of two guys. Very dedicated and very geeky because anyone who reads Seth Godin (like me) is a little geeky. Well the geeks will rule the world, as Bill Gates has proved. Its not the strongest who’ll survive its the network savy people like the guys from Jump Shopping.


Jakob Nielsen Does It Again with Back To Basics Advice

I’ve been a subscribe to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox column for many years now and I can’t even recall when I started receive his twice a month alertbox emails. He’s latest column: Growing a Business Website: Fix the Basics First is a testament to his experience and how hype is easy to identify if you can keep your eyes on what REALLY works NOT WHAT PEOPLE SAY WORKS. I highly recommend you all subscribe to his newsletter.