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Leadership in a Technology Driven World

We live in a complex world, the global village.  This led to a vacuum in the world in the 21st century. Therefore it is critical to developer leadership among your team, among your staff not only your management. Your people can turn weakness into strengths with a solid foundation in leadership.

In 2012, Ramon Thomas, was invited to conduct a workshop on Corporate Communications for Marcus Evans in Shanghai, China. He has spoken to children, parents, teachers and business professionals since 2004 and developed a deep understanding of the psychology of technology. He worked on pioneering projects to launch Internet banking in South Africa (1997) and United Arab Emirates (2000). In 2009, Mail & Guardian voted him as Top 300 Young South Africans.

Leadership is not what you are born with, it is a skill set you develop over a life time. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years developing his style of servant leadership described in the brilliant book, Leading Like Madiba (2006) from South Africa. About 2,500 years ago Lao Tzu had written another classical text on leadership, Tao Te Ching. This is loosely translated as the Book of the Way and it’s Virtue.

21st century organisations we have access more information, more often, from more sources and we also have more experts available to us than at any other time in history. Paradoxically technology does not make our lives easier in this constantly changing world. The Three Pillars of Technology Terrorism are introduced as the major challenges facing management and leadership. Technology companies thrive on complexity because it helps sell more products. What is needed is more clarity and less complexity. This complexity created by our dependence on technology leads to confusion. What is needed is more confidence, which improves decision making. Conflicts between users of technology, the organisation proving their access and the suppliers can be avoided by embracing collaboration. The solutions offered in the audience with a simple and clear structure that helps you avoid uncertainty in your daily decision making processes.

Leadership in a Technology Driven World is a 1 hour keynote presentation developed over 20 years. The audience is professional managers, directors and decision makers at all levels in your company. This is the ideal topic to open your team building or staff development conference or meeting. The presentation is updated with relevant examples from your industry sector. This includes some competitor analysis in the Q&A where relevant.


  • Defining the Servant Leadership model
  • Complexity – Increased consumption of technology and gadgets by corporations
  • Confusion – You have to many decisions to make
  • Conflict – Global panic with local reactions in a 24-hour news driven world
  • Solutions to a complex world
  • How to increase confidence in your business
  • Non violent communication

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