An Open Letter to Jacques Cilliers – Goodbye FNB

FNB Social Media persona RB Jacobs ATTENTION: Jacques Cilliers CEO, First National Bank Bank City Johannesburg Dear Mr Cilliers After 11 years I decided to close all my bank accounts with First National Bank. The primary reason is the horrendous experience of passing the buck and Read More →

Smartphone the surprise newcomer in mobile race

Johannesburg:- Smartphones have made a dramatic entry into corporate South Africa, far surpassing general consumer use or small business use. This is a surprise finding from a new research study released today by World Wide Worx. The Mobile Corporation in Read More →

FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s open letter published in Beeld

This seems to have been a good idea in principal. It’s a pity Michael Jordaan does not have the spine to resist the pressure from trade union Solidarity or white staff. My own experience with FNB since the age of Read More →

Mobility 2009 reveals South Africa's cellular gap

Mobility 2009 reveals South Africa's cellular gap FNB and Blackberry back 2009 study The South African cellular market reached a milestone of 50-milion connections at the end of 2008 – but only 68% of these represented individual users. This is the first key finding from preliminary research Read More →

How to avoid phishing emails from South African banks

For the first 8 years of my professional career I specialised in information security or Internet security working for various ISPs and banks in South Africa, England and United Arab Emirates. The particular focus I had was looking after the Read More →