Understanding Sasol’s BEE offer

Some advice to a would-be Inzalo share scheme subscriber from a Riaz Gardee.

Riaz Gardee
11 Jun 2008

Dear Aunty Kay,

You seemed to be very interested in the Sasol Inzalo BEE offer during our last visit and mentioned that you had read very little about it in the press. You also thought the prospectus was too lengthy, had a print which was too small and filled with jargon that you did not clearly understand. I have set out some of the key matters for you to consider prior to making your decision.

Sasol has been under pressure from the Government and various stakeholders about its empowerment status and recently put forward the Inzalo scheme to the black market. By this I mean black people (African, Indians and Coloureds) or companies owned by black people and not the ‘black market’ where your last cellphone ended up!

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