Jonathan Brunton on the Kevin Carter story

I am honoured and inspired by you. We are truly kindred spirits, rallying to make this world a better place. A place that is better for you, for me and for everyone! It takes one small gesture to change the destiny of humanity. Wayne Dyer once said ‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change’

Once upon a time there was a band of photographers that travelled the length and breadth of Africa taking pictures that highlighted the plight of humanity in Africa. Idealistic men they were, they had worldwide recognition for their art, nerve and daring.

And then, one of them took a photo of a little girl. Let’s imagine her name is Desta. She could have eventually grown into young Sudanese teenager dressed in eye catching gear with the latest iPod tunes and cell phone in her shoulder day pack taking the time to check her appearance in the mall window after netball practice. She joins her family for dinner before she completes her assignment for her final matric exams. Sadly this life was never destined for her! Her life was to serve a higher purpose. Her life is a call for you and I to take a stand for humanity.

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