From Attraction to Romance and back again

David DeAngelo, an American dating coach has a famous saying online, ?Attraction isn’t a choice.? Those words in fact became the title of the 2nd ebook he published after the hugely successful Double Your Dating. Both of these books were Read More →

Apocalypto death to fear and courage reborn

This past weekend I finally watched the new Mel Gibson film: Apocalypto. This film is set in the ancient Maya civilisation just before the arrival of the first Europeans. It’s graphic in it’s violence and it’s portrayal of the capturing Read More →

Dr Paul Dobransky on Serendipity and Singledom

Dr Paul Dobransky on Serendipity and Singledom Here’s a great article by my friend Dr Paul Dobransky: Like many of you, I am a “Yuspie”, that new term for the Hugh Grants and Bridget Joneses of modern America — short for Young Urban Single Professional. We went Read More →