Falling in Love by Francesco Alberoni

It should come as no surprise that the subject of this book is of course, love. More specifically, Alberoni deals with those all-too-brief and utterly captivating moments when one first falls in love. He attempts to unlock all the rather Read More →

Black Monday Lovesong by ASJ Tessimond

My friend, former massage therapist and South Africa’s leading chirologer Jenny Hirsch sent me this poem once. It resonated so much with me because of the Taoist inspired structure, I based on my research into attraction, dating and social dynamics Read More →

So close but yet so far

I took a walk tonight just to clear my head. Trying to write 10,000 words for an assignment is no mean task. Well it was around 8pm and the sky in Johannesburg was clear. I tried to identify Orion’s Belt Read More →

Westlife at The Dome in Johannesburg

Went to see the Westlife concert at The Dome in Northgate today. Wow! I never thought much of this boy band and considered them a fad for a while. But hey they’re really slick bunch and the music is very Read More →

DatingBuzz website review

DatingBuzz has been around since 1997 as its previous incarnation Matchmaker (www.matchmaker.co.za NOT matchmaker.com). Not to be confused with the international Matchmaker.com website which is owned by Lycos, the DatingBuzz brand was launched in 2002. The main website is www.datingbuzz.com Read More →