Ramon Thomas interviews Big Brother’s Mark Pilgrim
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Mark Pilgrim is one of the most recognizable radio and television personalities in South Africa. His first love has always been radio, and for the past 10 years listeners have enjoyed his warm (and somewhat wry) sense of humour.RT: What is your current relationship status….and why? MP: I am seeing someone new. I have just

Saturday night fever
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It’s one of those Saturday nights where I’m feeling in between the shadows and the soul as Neruda once said. My final research report is due next week so I can complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management from the University of Johannesburg (old RAU). So I have to dig in an resist the

Meeting and Dating Positive People Online
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What if you had a secret? A secret so big that, when revealed, it would make your girlfriend/boyfriend pull away from you in fear of contamination. This would be a hurtful experience. However, this is what faces many HIV positive people. To help HIV positive people find an ideal partner who shares or accepts their