Mark Pilgrim 2004Mark Pilgrim is one of the most recognizable radio and television personalities in South Africa. His first love has always been radio, and for the past 10 years listeners have enjoyed his warm (and somewhat wry) sense of humour.RT: What is your current relationship status….and why?
MP: I am seeing someone new. I have just come out of a long term relationship and met someone else I was attracted to. P.S, contrary to tabloid gossip, I have never been married.

RT: What are the things you find attractive in a woman and why?
MP: A smile. A sense of confidence. Independence. A girl-next-door look. Must be slim.

RT: How do you as a man get what you want in a relationship?
MP: It’s either someone your partner has or doesn’t. Don’t try and change someone into the way you like them to be.

RT:What kind of things that women do, turn you off?
MP: If you mean what do woman do to turn me off… the answer is easy… get moody too often. My emotions run stable and I like calmness in my life.

RT:Do you believe in opposites attract and why?
I do, but generally believe in my life these are more physical relationships and don’t last too long. Not that anything is wrong with that. Why should every relationship be with the intention of lasting forever?

RT:Do you believe in love at first sight and why?
MP:No. I believe in lust at first sight. It takes a while to get to know what someone is REALLY like.

RT:What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve used on a woman and did it work?
MP:In all honesty I have never used a “pick-up line”. I have simply gone up to someone and say “Hi” (my profession helps a little!).

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RT:Have you ever messed up on the first date and did she want to see you again?
MP:I haven’t “messed up”, but have had dates where we realise we don’t actually get on. I usually cut them short. Rule of thumb: if you haven’t really been in a social setting with them before, don’t commit to a dinner. Go for “early evening drinks”. If you get on, it can progress to dinner. If she’s awful, bail out early!

RT:How do women react when you’re alone vs. when you’re in a group setting?
MP:Girls aren’t as shy or submissive anymore. Regardless of where I am, if they want to come up and say hi, they generally do! I like that.

RT:How has the feminist revolution affected life for men in the 21st century?
I believe in female emancipation. We are equals. I will always open a car door for a woman, but I like her to be independent and stand up for herself (just please keep shaving under the arms!).

RT:What kind of relationship issues do you and your guy friends discuss?
MP:Come on…guys don’t discuss “relationship issues”. We are too shallow…we just talk about ass.

RT:Do you have any suggestions you can share with our male readers about what a man can do be more attractive and confident to women like you?
MP: Believe in yourself. Confidence is very attractive. I have a mate who is not good looking at all, but he is so confident (yet, not cocky). He makes them laugh. Also, try and dress with some style, even if it is in jeans. First impressions DO count. RT jeans projects a sloppy image. Get a pair of Diesels. Yes, they are more expensive, but you’ll look a lot better in them. And DON’T wear any shirt with retail branding on (e.g “ I cycled the Pick n Pay Argus”, or “SPCA volunteer”).

RT:Do you have any suggestions you can share with our readers on how guys should approach a woman?
Don’t use a silly pick-up line. Just go over and introduce yourself. Approach with the confidence that should she bat you off, you wouldn’t be fazed because it’s her loss. Also, be warned: if a gorgeous girl approaches you at a bar…she probably just wants a free drink!

RT:Do you have any suggestions or preferences for the ideal date?
If you haven’t really socialised with her before, meet her for early evening drinks. That way you both have an escape option and don’t feel pressured.

RT:What do you think of Speed Dating and would you try it?
MP: Heard about it. I personally wouldn’t do it because most people want to be with me for the wrong reasons. For someone not in the public eye, sure. You just never know where or when you going to meet someone that will blow you away.

RT:Finally what do you think of Online Dating and would you try it?
Never tried it, but have a mate who swears by it. He goes on numerous dates with some really gorgeous girls… and has fun!

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More about Mark Pilgrim

After obtaining his and working in market research for 10 years, he decided to follow his heart and joined 5FM back in 1995. After 8 years they parted ways and he now freelances for Johannesburg’s 94.7 Highveld Stereo, hosting the Hot 30 Chartshow on Saturdays.

He is as comfortable in front of the cameras as he is behind the microphone, with a string of TV shows to his credit, including: New Moves, Retail Therapy, Face 2 Face as well as South Africa’s first reality television series Big Brother. In another South African television first, his new controversial show called “Sex Etc” comes to MNET in May 2005!

Visit the Mark Pilgrim website for more information.