Hustle For A Dream

Hustle and Flow Tuesday is most often my movie night and I watched Hustle and Flow, starring Terrence Howard. No he’s a pretty smooth character and as a pimp controls the lives of a few women in the film. His real passion which he surpressed for years was to get his rap heard by someone. Well he struggles to get things together but they do. And one telling scene for me was just before he goes out to meet the big rapper from his home town who’s visiting one of his girls, who’s pregnant with someone else’s baby gives him a gold necklace. She says all rappers she’s ever seen on tv have them so its apt that he should have his own. I almost cried because she showed real compassion for him and it took him a few minutes before he realised she loved him deeply and she had been supporting him all along emotionally. He kissed her so passionately and they were destined to be together. Now he ends up in prison for a bit and one of the things that keeps him going is the memory of that kiss, which as Fransesco Alberoni calls it the nascent state, or the ignition state of “Falling in Love”.

Also checkout the official Hustle and Flow website.


Back in Johannesburg

So I’ve been on a short break and I went to the windy city Port Elizabeth on Easter Saturday. I was hoping to cash in on the influx of people during the Easter Weekend and when I arrived the weather was kak. No anyone who’s ever been to Port Elizabeth know its a small city by comparison to Johanneburg or Cape Town and not to much happens. The people are easy going and in most cases you can get around pretty quickly as things are closer in distance. The social life and the nightlife has become an unknown for me.

The only redeeming experience was spending a few hours on the campus of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. As far as I could understand this is the old University of Port Elizabeth campus. And boy oh boy did I realise once again that university campuses must the best place to meet young energetic women. I had a grand tour from my friend Greig Timkoe from Peacemakers Conflict Management who’s also a Ph.D student at the university. Greig is sitting on a gold mine of oppertunities and I can’t wait to start my Masters later this year at the University of Johannesburg so I can have regular access to the campus. So yes I had a dry spell because I didn’t meet any new women that I’m doing to date or have sex with but there is a sign there that I can and should find more time to spend at university campuses in Gauteng. The women at these institutions tend to be intelligent, full of energy and goal oriented and flexible because they are always up for a challange. Women and men in general who do not continue their studies after high school lack a certain will power or rather determinination. And then you have Bill Gates who dropped out from university. The whole idea for me is that it helps to get rid of people who would be disqualified on many other criteria when seeking a potential partner who has wants to get more life and is willing to do something about it and not expect handouts.