Marie Forleo's book Makes Every Man Want You
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The first chapter of Make Every Man Want You: How to be so damn irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself, is a revised edition of a previous ebook by Marie Forleo. The book title alone is more irresistible then most books of this nature.and suggests a very upbeat author. Yes, Marie happens to be

How to use Social Proof to improve your Dating
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Dr Robert Cialdini wrote a book called Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion. One of the weapons of influence and core principles in this book is “Social Proof”. Wikipedia defines it as “is a psychological phenomenon which occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behaviour. Making the assumption

iWeek 2006 now open for bookings
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One of the biggest Internet industry conferences in South Africa, the annual Internet Week or iWeek is now open for bookings. I spoke at this conference in 2004 on the topic of the Internet Cafe industry in South Africa. And I get regular emails every month increasingly about how to set-up and Internet Cafe. Well

On Being a Lady
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This is from the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Thought of the Day, “Margaret Thatcher once observed that being powerful is like being a lady: If you have to tell others you are, you aren’t. Truly great leaders gain respect by the way they conduct themselves, not by the loudness of their orders. You gain respect by

Meaning of my name Ramon
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Number of Ramon – 7 Bearers of this baby name are odd persons of saturnine temper. They are often philosophers and mystics at heart. They tire easily of a bustling and hasty life, love to think all alone and hate light-mindedness. Quite often they are devoid of commercialism and a thirst for comfort. Having keen

2006 Star Trek Minicon in South Africa
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Today I attended my 2nd Star Trek minicon in Johannesburg, South Africa. The minicon is hosted annually by Science Fiction South Africa. I’ve been a memeber since 2004 and attended a few of their events. Its a small group and the people are very friendly and on the shy, introverted side of life. That’s to

Online replaces telly and print for teens
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This is not exactly news for me because I’ve been following these trends internationally from the annual reports published by the Centre for the Digital Future. Here’s the South African perspective. A recent survey by found that more South Africans teenagers are spending time online than watching television or reading magazines and newspapers. This