Marie Forleo's book Makes Every Man Want You

The first chapter of Make Every Man Want You: How to be so damn irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself, is a revised edition of a previous ebook by Marie Forleo. The book title alone is more irresistible then Read More →

How to use Social Proof to improve your Dating

Dr Robert Cialdini wrote a book called Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion. One of the weapons of influence and core principles in this book is “Social Proof”. Wikipedia defines it as “is a psychological phenomenon which occurs in ambiguous social Read More →

iWeek 2006 now open for bookings

One of the biggest Internet industry conferences in South Africa, the annual Internet Week or iWeek is now open for bookings. I spoke at this conference in 2004 on the topic of the Internet Cafe industry in South Africa. And Read More →

On Being a Lady

This is from the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Thought of the Day, “Margaret Thatcher once observed that being powerful is like being a lady: If you have to tell others you are, you aren’t. Truly great leaders gain respect by the Read More →

Meaning of my name Ramon

Number of Ramon – 7 Bearers of this baby name are odd persons of saturnine temper. They are often philosophers and mystics at heart. They tire easily of a bustling and hasty life, love to think all alone and hate Read More →

2006 Star Trek Minicon in South Africa

Today I attended my 2nd Star Trek minicon in Johannesburg, South Africa. The minicon is hosted annually by Science Fiction South Africa. I’ve been a memeber since 2004 and attended a few of their events. Its a small group and Read More →