Believing is Seeing
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Sean Stephenson once said the greatest lie is “seeing is believing” and he explain it a bit. How I understood it is that we hold back because we don’t see that its possible to approach a certain woman, or to talk to a certain guy you have your eye on. Well you have to believe

The Future of MSN Instant Messenger
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Much to my irratation I’ve had to use MSN Messenger to keep in contact with some friends and contacts. Others who use Yahoo! Messenger I’ve ignored and where possible I’ve tried to get people onto Skype because of its superior voice quality. Well that may not be the case anymore. There has been a few

Mobile Instant Messaging Platform MXIT
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MXIT Lifestyle, a Stellenbosch based company launched MXIT, an instant messaging platform about 12 months ago. Its been in development for a few years and must be one of the greatest success stories of its kind ever to come from South Africa because it is experiencing incredible growth. Today I interviewed the CEO, Herman Heunis.

Meaningless poem from a woman to a guy
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A friend of mine emailed me this poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and asked me what it means if a woman sends (him, a guy) this kind of email. And I’m going to go into more details about what I told him to shed some light on this behaviour. It means nothing much when woman

Beauty Africa and Moloko birthday party
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I accidentally found myself at the Beauty Africa exhibition today briefly meeting with a client from Cape Town who was in Johannesburg attending this event at the Sandton Convention Centre. Well head on over there to meet some gorgeous women and some reall handsome men. As with these types of event and this industry I

Superman is Dead
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Tonight I watched the new Superman Returns movie. A big fan of comic book superheros since I was a young lad. This movie was to say the least a dissappointment in the story. Visually its spectacular but the acting is wooden or dead. Clark Kent and Superman must be the most insecure superhero I know.

Treat Life like a Dance
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I’ve been going for salsa class at Dance Junxion in Rosebank, Johannesburg for the last several weeks. They offer a range of dance styles from ballroom, hip-hop, Latin and Spanish dancing. This is one of the best ways to meet new people who are often single. And its a whole lot of fun. My posture,

Spice up your life
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Tonight I watched Misstress of Spice, a new movie starring reigning Bollywood queen, Aishwarya Rai and American actor, Dylon McDermott. South Africa’s top movie critic, Barry Ronge, gave it a scathing review you can read here. I still think its a good movie with fantastic visuals and also a lot of fantasy. It’s playing at

Pole dancing
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I walked into a pole dancing class by my associate Dr Elna McIntosh last week Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprises. And thought I may upset the women. It turned out they were worried about the whether I was embarrassed. I don’t get embarrassed easily any more 😉 Well she teaches a women’s group for 6

Parenting Advice
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Well I’m not a parent but one day I do would like the oppertunity very much to be a great dad and nurture and encourage my children. Well I got this great article recommended in a newsletter I subscribe to. The title is just so cool for a movie buff like myself, How I Learned