Tonight I watched the new Superman Returns movie. A big fan of comic book superheros since I was a young lad. This movie was to say the least a dissappointment in the story. Visually its spectacular but the acting is wooden or dead.

Clark Kent and Superman must be the most insecure superhero I know. If only based on his levels of self-confidence even Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) is better.

Now I’m going to reprint a part of a newsletter by my friend Stephane Hemon, who teaches unconditional love and sacred sexuality in Montreal, Canada.

“Superman is DEAD!”

As children, we often looked up to various superheroes and deep
down I think we all wished that we could be like them.

We wanted to be more powerful.

We wished that we could have that perfect body.

We wanted to have the external validation that superheroes feed

The problem is that when humans try to compare themselves to
superheroes (or Barbie and Ken for that matter), they inevitably
come up short.

We've all been socially conditioned to feel that we're LACKING
certain superficial qualities.

Don't get me wrong - I love Superman, but I think it's time
to listen to that Our Lady Peace song and let Superman rest
in peace.

He was a great superhero, but at the end of the day, he actually

Allow me to explain.

He spent his entire life trying to SAVE a world that did not
want to be saved.

He interfered with everything going on around him. It wasn't
kryptonite that killed him. It was the lack of compassion.

Superman was a concept that was created at a time when our world
really truly needed it. We needed a type of hope, of some superhuman.

But, in a sense, that old concept has worked against us. It
is not just Superman and Superwoman. It is all the superheroes,
and all of these grand beings that we have manifested.

We have all wanted the perfect body, the perfect strength, X-ray
vision, the ability to do all these things and to save the world.

But Superman is dead now, replaced with compassion.

Replaced not with the image of this perfect body that was strong
and all of these other attributes that related to the physical
being. That is dead now.

We have been struggling and fighting with the way that we think
we need to be a super human. And, that is gone… gone… dead.

We have judged ourselves based on all of these superficial things.

They are gone now. They are gone. They are replaced with compassion
and honoring of your self and everything around you.

Superman forgot to honor himself and others. And, he had to
leave because he didn't understand that people have free will
and need to learn to accept response-ability for their own lives.

It's lack of compassion that compels us to argue with others.

It's lack of compassion that compels us to want to change others.

It's lack of compassion that compels us to want to “save” others.

And it's lack of compassion that compels us to feel angry and
judgmental toward others.

To change the topic for a moment, I ALSO get a lot of emails
that sound like this:

“Hey Steph, “coming from the heart” SOUNDS like a good idea.
But HOW does one come from the heart?”

The short answer is this:

You know that loud voice in your head?

Well, BEHIND that voice there is ANOTHER voice. It's much quieter.
It's MUCH softer. It's not your “inner-wuss”.

It's the wisdom of your heart.

Since it's not as LOUD as the Ego, we humans rarely pay attention
to it.

The average heart-chakra is only 3% open.


…But it does explain all of the power struggles, arguments,
fights, violence, and cheating that goes on in today's relationships.

Now, to get back to Superman being dead, many of you are trying
to CHANGE the women you are with, rather than TRAINING her.

The difference is quite simple, and can be summed up in TWO


Now, here's a story to illustrate what I mean by Superman being
dead and replaced by compassion.

Recently, a friend of mine started seeing a new woman. Everything
was going well for the first week or two…

Then he tried talking to her about being in a relationship,
and she told him that although she was enjoying his company
very much, she was not yet ready to jump into a relationship.

What does he do?

Instead of HONORING that, and respecting her God-given right
to decide for herself when she is or isn't ready to be in a
committed relationship, he began to argue and attempted to change
her mind. He started LECTURING her.

Now, my friend has very good intentions and all, but in this
case what he didn't realize was that he lacked COMPASSION.

Needless to say, he lost the girl.

Had he respected her right to make up her own mind about things
and displayed compassion, things might have worked out differently.

So it was a lesson he learned the hard way. He tried to be her
Superman; he tried to “save” her.

He tried to teach her something that she didn't want to learn,
which really means that he tried to impose his values on her.

When a woman wants to do something that I don't agree with,
such as sleeping with other men, I honor that. I might even
introduce her to other men.

The bottom line is that I've learned to trust the Universe to
supply my abundance of pussy. Ironically, it's this non-needy
attitude that draws them in faster than anything.

I NEVER attempt to preach, “save” or control women. I honor
whatever path they choose, and I honor my own path as well.
I don't compromise my values in order to keep getting sex from
a woman.

Her choices in life are her buisness, not mine. And whatever
choices she makes, I ask myself, “Can I live with that?”

If yes, great. If no, then she needs to be in a relationship
with someone else.

Trust me, the non-needy attitude (compassion) is quite challenging.
It can be very difficult to master, but when you do, it's THE
most attractive quality you can have.

Try to HONOR every single choice, every value, and every belief
that other people choose for themselves, even if you disagree
with them and know that they are choosing something un-healthy.

Let it go. Honor them, respect them. Be the first person they've
ever met who was totally capable of accepting them just they
way they are.

Stop being her Superman and have TRUE compassion. Trust me,
this will draw heart-centered women into your life more than
any other quality.

For more on Stephane please visit his website Ideagasms and also checkout his Ideagasms Forum.