I’ve been going for salsa class at Dance Junxion in Rosebank, Johannesburg for the last several weeks. They offer a range of dance styles from ballroom, hip-hop, Latin and Spanish dancing. This is one of the best ways to meet new people who are often single. And its a whole lot of fun. My posture, my confidence and my generally my body language has improved because of this dancing.

Now a quote from my favourite philosopher, Alan Watts: “In music though, one doesn’t make the end of a composition, the point of a composition. If that was so the best conductors would be those who played fastest. And there would be composers who wrote only finales…People go to concerts to hear one crashing cord, cause that’s the end…

So when dancing you don’t aim at a particular spot in the room. That’s where you should arrive. The whole point of the dancing is the dance.”

No one more thing. There’s a beautiful poem by ASJ Tessimond, Black Monday Lovesong which demonstrates what I’m talking about. So don’t sit on your ass and watch TV or DVDs. Treat life like a dance and you’ll realise every moment is like retreating or advancing.