Ethen Zuckerman Alaa Abd El Fattah Ory OkollohThe activism session started on an okay foot with Ethan Zuckerman, hosting the panel discussion. Next to him was two leading online political activists: Alaa Abd El Fattah, the Egyptian blogger who has been jailed for his activism and Ory Okolloh from the Kenyan Pundit blog. Ory’s session was to the point and highlights the power of the Internet and exposing and opening up what’s the reality of the political wheeling and dealing in African countries. South Africa is fortunate because our government does have a substantial web presence. Sadly less then 10% of the population are online. The 2nd talk by Alla was exciting to start with and almost like a Michael Moore documentary 😉 Well it dragged out and eventually I lost interest. Enough about the activism and lets teach people how to make money! That way they’ll take responsibility for their own destinies.