Barry SchwartzI came across this amazing presentation by Professor Barry Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less. In this talk he outlines the problems we face in making decisions when we have so much to choose from. This is evident every time you go shopping and you are bombarded an almost unlimited variety of options to choose from compared to a few decades ago. Yes, we may call this progress. And yes, we may also call it freedom. There is a direct link between to many choices and our dissatisfaction with those choices. I’m still trying to let this all sink in because it is so profound. All I can say is that it fits in with my philosophy of simplifying my life so that I can make quicker, better choices. You can listen to it online or download the audio talk from IT Conversation website.

You can also checkout this video presentation at the annual TedTalks by Professor Schwartz.