Monthly Archives: February 2007

  • Cocaine parties organised via MXit

    This is one of the most shocking applications I’ve yet come across for using MXit. Then again there is no surprises here because kids will find new and innovative ways to use technology to achieve their goals, good or bad. And this is a drug problem NOT a MXit problem. It existed before MXit or… Read more »

  • cheaper Broadband for Academics

    Treveor Manuel has announced a new initiative to offer cheaper broadband to Academics to facilitate and foster research. This is really something which government has been slow to address. Broadband should be available at discounted rates to students and especially for postgraduagte students. When they are not on campus they have to access the Internet… Read more »

  • How to identify good and bad role models for men

    There is a debate that crops up every now and then, trying to explain the behaviour of human beings. It’s called the nature vs nurture debate and speaks about how our overall behaviour patterns is determined by our genes (nature) or how we are raised by our parents (nurture). It’s clear that both play a… Read more »