Cocaine parties organised via MXit
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This is one of the most shocking applications I’ve yet come across for using MXit. Then again there is no surprises here because kids will find new and innovative ways to use technology to achieve their goals, good or bad. And this is a drug problem NOT a MXit problem. It existed before MXit or

cheaper Broadband for Academics
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Treveor Manuel has announced a new initiative to offer cheaper broadband to Academics to facilitate and foster research. This is really something which government has been slow to address. Broadband should be available at discounted rates to students and especially for postgraduagte students. When they are not on campus they have to access the Internet

Bill Gates gives high school learners 11 rules to live by
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Love him or hate him, he sure hits the nail on the head with this! To anyone with kids of any age, here’s some advice. Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11 things they did not and will not learn in school. He talks about how feel-good, politically correct teachings,

How to identify good and bad role models for men
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There is a debate that crops up every now and then, trying to explain the behaviour of human beings. It’s called the nature vs nurture debate and speaks about how our overall behaviour patterns is determined by our genes (nature) or how we are raised by our parents (nurture). It’s clear that both play a

John Farquhar speaks out on future of Newspapers
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I received this response from John Farquhar after I emailed him about Duncan McLeod in Financial Mail’s column Newspapers R.I.P. Thanks for the link to Mcleods column There are two kind of people in business. Those who live in the real world and those who fantasise about tomorrow’s where the old will be replaced by

Radio interviews as Valentine’s Day approaches
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Last night I did a half hour long interview on SAFM with Lynette Francis. We discussed online dating, speed dating and sms dating. Trying to get people into the mood for Valentine’s Day. My friend Jenny Cereseto from SMARTdate was the only caller and made a good case for speed dating over online dating. My

Teens turn to technology for dating abuse
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Comment: You may think that the Americans are over reacting here. I tend to think these problems are very real and teenagers just do not discuss them with parents or teachers for fear of embarrassment. MXit is very good platform to start offering peer counselling. And hopefully in the near future between ourselves, CSIR and

Desperately seeking love online
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BRYANSTON – Only 12% of South Africans have used the Internet to find love. This is compared to 29% of the French and 21% of Filipinos interviewed in a global survey about dating perceptions, use of the Internet to find a romantic partner and the level of success that they have had. Synovate surveyed 4

Study reveals more then 40% children in US exposed to Pornography
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A shocking study has revealed that almost half of all children in America between 10 and 17 years old have been exposed to pornography. About 80% of those exposed pornography was displayed during unrelated searches. Filtering software does reduce the risk of unwanted exposure. The full study is being published in the February edition of

Learning and Support using MXit
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[This blog entry has been edited and updated on 9 Sep 2007] Cape Town bloggers Rafiq Phillips uses MXit offering customer support for his project. This idea can save small businesses money if they consider the implications – offering a support contact on MXit which can be accessible from any cellphone anywhere in South