This is one of the most shocking applications I’ve yet come across for using MXit. Then again there is no surprises here because kids will find new and innovative ways to use technology to achieve their goals, good or bad. And this is a drug problem NOT a MXit problem. It existed before MXit or cellphones were invented. The root cause must be treated not the symptoms…Ramon

Drug abuse soars at high schools in Bay….

HIGH-school girls in Port Elizabeth are organising “cocaine parties” via their cellphones in a new trend that experts say is indicative of the dramatic increase in drug abuse at high schools in the city.

Gerrie Cronje, chief executive of Shepherd‘s Field Kibbutz – a privately run drug rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth – said he had recently been made aware of at least 20 girls, the majority of whom were from high schools in the city, who were organising “cocaine parties” through a cellphone chat function called MXit.

“One of the children we are treating has told us the parties are apparently hosted at different venues, pre- arranged through MXit, with cocaine readily available,” he said.

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