Parking Karma in Johannesburg
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The traffic in Joburg gets worse every year. In one sense its a very positive sign because there is a lot more money floating around although much of it is in the form of credit. Anyway I first learned about parking karma from David DeAngelo in one of many programs on dating and success in

18 Tips to Safe Surfing on the Net
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In response to recent national and local headlines concerning child online safety, launches “18 Tips to Safe Surfing” and Pandora’s Blog. Both serve as resources to parents looking for ideas and effective ways to keep their kids safe on the Internet. New York, NY (PRWEB) April 16, 2007 — In response to recent national

Toastmasters Body Language speech
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On Tuesday evening I won the Best Preprepared Speech (2nd time) for my C&L 5 Body Language speech at my Toastmasters club. This was weird because I chose to speak about the basics of body language and the objective of the speech was to demonstrate body language. Some of the basics that I covered were:

How strange the tale of a ordinary man loosing control
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Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Queen Latifah. This is story of ordinary man who becomes involved in an extraordinary tale. Will Ferrell in a dramatic turn, plays Harold Crick, an IRS Agent who lives a monotonous and mundane life. But one day starts hearing the voice of

Growing impact of MXit and chat rooms on adults
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There is a growing impact of MXit and chat rooms on adults in South Africa. You can read about the previous article reported on this website from the Sunday Times about a “sorid sex scare” here. A married woman went behind her husband’s back and she chatted to strangers on MXit. She ended up having

Have you spoken to Mr Deity today?
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Who is Mr Deity? Your friendly neighborhood omnipotent, omnipresent God or as Dr John Demartini says, Grand Organised Designer. This hilarious send-up was created by Brian Keith Dalton. This is one of those shows popping up on Youtube along with the likes of Chad Vader, that has the potential for mainstream success. In fact Brian’s

Online public relations and top keywords
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The Web will go down as one of the greatest equalisers in history. It allows small companies or even solo entrepreneurs like myself to compete with large and established companies. NETucation generates all it’s publicity through sending emails to over 500 journalists in South Africa. These journalists include everyone from newspapers, magazines, radio, television and

SEO All-stars Rank Top 10 Algorythm Factors
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This is based on a project by Rand Fishken, founder of SEOMoz where he pulled together 37 of the greatest minds in the Search Engine Optimization business. You may also be interested in this excellent podcast interview on Marketing Voices with him. Google Algorithm’s Top 10  (Assumed) Positive Factors 1.    Keyword Use In Title Tags

The Mind Never Becomes Tired, But Sometimes It Becomes Bored with the “FOOD” It Gets
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Computer experts use the acronym GIGO- garbage in, garbage out-to illustrate the fact that the computer can process only the information it is given. The same is true with your mind. If you feed it healthful, nourishing “food,” it will grow strong and agile, but if you restrict it to a regular diet of mental