President Jakaya KikweteSession 11 was closed off by a speech by the President of Tanzania, the honourable Mjue Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. He started out extending a warm welcome to all guests and visitors to Tanzania and Arush. It’s the beginning of the winter but it’s not snowing yet.

He referred to a conversation he had with U2’s Bono, who was at TEDGlobal earlier this week, who complained once about loneliness when you are flying around the world in planes to and from countries. And it seems presidents and rocks stars share similar experiences. The tide is turning around with unemployment at 12.7% and HIV infections now down to 7%.

There is a strong confidence by Google, Kickstart, Technoserve and others who are investing into small projects in Tanzania. This is the basis for much larger future successes. An open invitation to the global community to do business with Tanzania.

The president sat down for a one-on-one with Chris at the end his speech. There is a question about political leadership failing. What is the key change between Africa’s people and it’s people. In the past military people just announce they are new president. They would walk into radio station and make the announcement. This was the worst period of Africa. More democratic elections are taking place to elect the leaders. All in all this is a very courages move from a head of state to speak to such a diverse audience as the TEDsters.