Noah SamaraNoah Samara is a satellite radio pioneer. Growing up saw a lot of people battered by many problems but there has always been a hope. He is impassioned about empowering people with information. Because of HIV/AIDS 17 million people would die by the end of the decade in the 1990s would die and simply because of a lack of information. This prediction was being made in the late 1980s.

Since nobody was doing anything he decided to build his own satellite radio station. His wife said once you’re finished go and get yourself a real job. It was daunting task because it had not been done before to allow satellite to broadcast to terrestrial radio. A 131 countries allocated frequencies. By 1996 $1.1 billion was raised. And for the first time technology was launched in Africa before it was handed down to America.

Some of the programming include daily soap operas, weather information and other types of information that are locally relevant. About 90% of funds are raised inside Africa. Some young people, children of refugees, were interviewed it was an goosebumps moment when they heard themselves on radio from Cape to Cairo the next day. So the question is now how do we scale this impact from anecdotal stories like that of William who built a windmill to serve his family’s energy’s needs. How much of the positive force created by the TEDGlobal conference can be unleashed.

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