South Africa nearing 1 million broadband connections
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MyADSL reports that South Africa is nearing 1 million broadband Internet connections… South Africa is closing in on the one million broadband connection mark, mainly due to fast wireless broadband growth. Telkom’s ADSL service is still the leading broadband service in South Africa with around 400 000 subscribers. Vodacom’s 3G/HSDPA service is fast catching up

Living Dialogues podcast takes my spirtual understanding to new heights
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The last few weeks I have spent travelling on the road. Firstly doing a series of talks for Pannar Seed International in Delmas and Klerksdorp and last week to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. I felt really silly about that trip because I didn’t know they had an airport in Nelspruit and so I ended up driving

Business networking tips – How not to network
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Today I conducted a trial run for my new business social networking workshop. It was well received overall and I’ll be formally launching this in March. Anyone in sales, marketing or self-employed, entrepreneurs or small business owners will benefit from this workshop. In the mean time enjoy this hilarious clip…  

Blogs in Plain English video
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Lee Lefever has done it again with an excellent 3 minute video clip introducing Blogs to the lay audience. If you have seen his other Commoncraft videos you’re gonna love this one… And so if you are keen on blogging register for my monthly Blogging for Business seminars across South Africa or request a private

The Connections Show, an excellent business networking podcast
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The Connections Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Stan Relihan, one of Australia’s most connected LinkedIn users, and a professional recruiter based in Sydney. This is one of the most practically useful business podcasts I’ve discovered on the Web. And it’s a real surprise that it comes from Australia, not America like most of

From Attraction to Romance and back again
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David DeAngelo, an American dating coach has a famous saying online, ?Attraction isn’t a choice.? Those words in fact became the title of the 2nd ebook he published after the hugely successful Double Your Dating. Both of these books were the starting point for what has turned into my life purpose, improving my own dating

Cellphone etiquette for people on the move from BulkSMS
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According to Dr Pieter E. Streicher, managing director at, “We need an etiquette tailored for business people who communicate on the move. The increase in cellphone usage for work and private calls or messaging is becoming a source of irritation and psychological stress within, and outside, the workplace.” See below for’s 10 tips

Anti child-porn alliance launched in Europe
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by Chimwemwe Mwanza* Barcelona – How do mobile operators curb access to websites that pro-actively peddle pornography without interfering in the rights of subscribers? This is one of the biggest challenges facing European mobile operators particularly those in Norway and France. Alarmed at the rate at which children were easily accessing pornography sites, the GSM

Google Calendar may be the best time mangement and online scheduling tool available
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In the mobile world filled with hotspots and wireless, you will be stuck if you continue to use an old fashioned calendar. I stopped using them years ago. Maybe I’ve been lazy and I just never got into the whole “writing things down” habit. In the past I relied heavily on Microsoft Outlook’s awesome calendaring

Speed dating wasn't fast enough meeting the Baroness
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There was a young man called Ramon who was tired of being alone. Imagine his stress when a man in a dress blew him kisses and followed him home. How many of you have encountered a man dressed up like a woman? Aha! Fortunately it’s only happened once in my life ? so far. A