Leona Lewis Bleeding LoveA song that’s been mulling in my head since I first heard it is Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. Maybe I’m late to the party but I don’t get very excited about new music these days…However this single and the singer is absolutely stunning. There’s something deeply provocative about it and that’s in fact the clincher. You can buy her album from Kalahari.net or Amazon.com

FJ Shark once wrote about why following the advice from love songs is a bad idea for men. And how the love songs that women sing usually describe a failed relationship (think sinking ship). He says the guys they want to keep around just doesn’t put enough into the relationship and now she’s “bleeding love” because she’s investing so much with little or no return. When you read the lyrics of Bleeding Love you become instantly aware of how she puts herself down and puts this dream guy on a pedestal. So the song in itself is a typical example of misguided belief on how someone else, outside of your control, is supposed to make your life better “in this world of loneliness.” STOP that!

On a side note Leona Lewis is multiracial. Her father is a Guyanese Afro-Caribbean youth worker, and her mother is a social worker of Anglo-Welsh descent. She is also of Italian and Irish descent on her mother’s side. What an interesting mix and this likens her to Mariah Carey, famously multiracial, in more ways than just their music. Now it could just be a coincidence but the video below starts out with a black guy being thrown out by his white/blond girlfriend. He moves onto another white/brunette women, who’s latino boyfriend eventually walks on them. Why the black guy with the two white women I wonder? Yep, it could just be a sign of the times or fabricated subliminal messages of what is acceptable sent to you by the Merchants of Cool.

Anyway enjoy the song for what it is here…