Jill Bolte Taylor's powerful stroke of insight
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This must be one of the most amazing stories someone has lived to tell. The experience described by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is doing the rounds on the Web because of how powerfully she delivered her story at the TED 2008 Conference. For me it was a fascinating talk because it is east meets west

March 2008 27Dinner Recap
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This is the first time I’m writing a review of the monthly 27Dinner meetings that happen across South Africa. These meetings have matured over the last year into a worthwhile meeting place for innovative minds. These are likely to be the entrepreneurs who will steer the direction of business in South Africa for the next

South African born Dr Neil Turok wants the next Einstein to be from Africa
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This is the message that makes TED such a powerful platform. As a TEDGlobal 2007 Fellow I am still speechless when I think of the amazing opportunity of becoming a part of this community. In a strange way its a very exclusive club but it’s also making a very public impact since they started publishing

Reducing Technology Stress in a Wireless World
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You are invited to a this event hosted by Ramon Thomas in association with BulkSMS. These briefings have been designed to be fully interactive and will be looking at real-life examples, common mistakes and effective ways to reduce technology stress in a wireless world. The cellphone has become an indispensable part of our working life,

Using Skype credit to make calls to landlines or cellphones vs Telkom
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About two years ago I received a call from a colleague of mine who was also a non-executive director on the ICDL Foundation in Cape Town. It was strange because I would have assumed calling me from his cellphone would be reasonable priced. For the longest time I’ve had the default belief that landline to

What's the purpose of getting engaged before marriage?
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I have never been married so this post is completely biased. However, I’ve been to many weddings like most people have in their lifetimes. And in 3 cases I have been best man, twice to cousins and once to a best friend from school. I’m not sure if they were engaged but I assume they

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander
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This is an important book because it outlines a cause to so many problems, that is so pervasive it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of people. Television was only introduced in South Africa in 1975, as it happens the year I was born, because the Apartheid government saw a threat to itself loosing control.

Spending the Easter Weekend with Paris Hilton in South Africa
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US socialite Paris Hilton is currently visiting South Africa with her boyfriend, Benji Madden. She has been on the local news and some photographs have already surfaced of Paris playing with school children from the Jakaranda Kinderhuis school in Pretoria. Her boyfriend Benji Madden and his band, Good Charlotte, are to perform at My Coke

When Mom or Dad Asks To Be a Facebook 'Friend'
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Matt, 17, and Bob Florian both use Facebook, and Bob Florian knew that his son might have doubts about becoming his Facebook friend. (By Susan Biddle — The Washington Post) Comments that include profanity or personal attacks or other inappropriate comments or material will be removed from the site. Additionally, entries that are unsigned or

Bill Gates asks a question on LinkedIn Answers
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LinkedIn has recently upgraded it’s home page and functionality to be more inline with the competition like Facebook. However, I’ve never really perceived Facebook as direct competition for LinkedIn because they focus on different markets completely. As you may know Facebook is more of a student hangout and LinkedIn has always been a place for