George Carlin RIP: Counterculture’s pioneer comedian
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I’m not entirely sure who first introduced me to George Carlin because I have found so many people quote him or praise his honesty, his intelligence and his exceptionally funny way of stating the obvious. He is the last of the 3 godfather’s of stand-up comedy to pass away. And he will be sorely missed.

New Web Addresses to cause confusion among users
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Today I read a post on the New York Times website about a revolution in the availability of new web addresses or what is called domain names in the Internet industry. This shift in the policies from ICANN is going to open up a hornets nest if you are trying to decide which type of

The beginning of MXit spam and chain letters
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I have been getting more and more of these types of messages sent by my friends on MXit. Maybe they do not realise its spam or chain letters. The same types of chain letters that are sent around the global a gazillion times a day by innocent, unsuspecting people who believe they are doing a

CS Lewis estate scrambles to take domain from Scottish family
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This is an example of how parents are getting involved in the online world in a positive way. The results are not entirely unexpected because of the value of the Narnia brand after the success of first 2 movies. The CS Lewis estate is doing what it is meant to do in term of protecting

Fake Breasts….who really likes them?
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A question for guys and girls…. There are two girls sitting at a bar. Both are attractive. The only difference is one has natural small breasts like those of Keira Knightley (an A cup maybe smaller). The other has giant fake boobs. Which one would you take? See what we found…  

Join me at 7th annual iWeek conference for Internet industry insiders
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I have already registered for the 7th annual iWeek conference. Join me at this 3-day conference (at no cost to you) because it is the fastest way for you to get more familiar with the Internet industry. Go here to read my blogging from iWeek 2006 where Mark Shuttleworth was the keynote speaker and attracted

Konnects? No! please not another business social network invitation
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John Wilson wrote a great little rebuttel for joining Konnects, a new business social network. He aptly calls it a poor LinkedIn clone. After ignoring previous requests I had to write about this because the person who invited me to join I hold in high esteem: Stan Relihan. In the past I have praised The

Non-verbal communication rule fallacy
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I have abused this rule in almost all my talks! So I am guilty as charged. You may have heard people saying what you say only contributes to a small percentage of the impact of your communication and that how a person says what they say has a far greater impact. The rule, which is

Why blogging from your phone in South Africa is not there yet
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A Question from a Reader: Hola Ramon! I got a few problems regarding my new blogging and email site,, which I struggle just to open my emails both on my phone, using Opera Mini, and on my PC, which I understand is way slow to connect to the ‘net even when I use Opera(which

Who's who in the non-white Web 2.0 South African Zoo
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This blog post was updated for some corrections in June 2012. Mandy de Waal, a freelance journalist, wrote this article on ITWeb, profiling top social media gurus in South Africa. When I first read it, I found offensive not because it’s inaccurate, rather because it is incomplete. The main reason I take issue with this