Kimmie Weeks on WikipediaKimmie Weeks speaks about how to end poverty in Africa. I really enjoyed the video clip of one of his inspirational talks originally posted here. You should also checkout his own video clip archive on Youtube.

For every Charles Taylor there has to be a Kimmie Weeks. I am re-post this video on because I want to help South Africans identify with and cultivate more inspirational leaders. You may have read the call for more inspirational leaders by Clem Sunter, South Africa’s leading expert on scenario planning at a recent conference in Johannesburg. Clem does most of his talks about whatever his most recent book is, and in this case it’s Socrates and the Fox. Some more details about his views on leadership was mentioned in a blog by Anthea Garman.

For me the best kind of inspirational leaders are those people who make a real difference in their local communities. To many times do we wait and waste time to be rescued by someone else, someone from the outside, someone far away, maybe a Nelson Mandela, who has already done everything possible in his power post 1991 to now. The sad thing in most of Africa you more likely to die from civil war, starvation or Malaria than find an inspirational politician. Someone who actually does what they say, and follows through with action oriented policies.

We need a Kimmie Weeks in South Africa instead of idiots like Julius Malema. Anyway here’s a clip from one of his last speeches about ending poverty in Africa: