27Dinner talk, Mutual-Aid between African Bloggers
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Thank you very much to Dave Duarte and Max Kaizen who have both supported my drive to create stronger relationships between South African bloggers and those bloggers from the rest of Africa. This has nothing to do with with the Xenophobia attacks, although it will restore tremendous goodwill that has always been there in the

SMS Dictionary – show kids that you seek first to understand
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Elzaan Rohde from Sentient Communication passed this tip onto me from a Google Alert: I am a very big fan of cell phone SMS (aka text) messages because of my voicemail. I can send SMS with one hand, driving and not even looking at my screen, switching between predictive text and normal typing. Heavy users

Peter Sondergaard sets the stage at Gartner Africa Symposium 2008
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Today is the opening of the annual Gartner Africa Symposium held annually at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Rene Jacobs, the Managing Director of Gartner Africa welcomed over 1200 delegates to this 3-day tech-fest. The conference runs in parallel to the with an expo from technology vendors. We have met before at the

Live-Blogging the Gartner Africa Symposium 2008
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For the next few days I am live-blogging the Gartner Africa Symposium at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Here’s what you can read more about on my NETucation business blog: The Economist Intelligence Unit has declared 2008 to be the year of the emerging market. They are not alone in this prediction. Emerging economies

Qhubeka moving South Africa forward with Nine Million Bicycles
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The song Nine Million Bicycles by Katie Melua is perhaps not the most inspirational song in the world. However, it does make you feel good, if you are even just a little bit as nostalgic as I am. Recently the Facebook social networking website has moved from a boring distraction to a powerful communication tool

How not to network videos
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More examples of how not to approach business networking events. Essential networking skills are missing from these video’s. You can view more of these videos on the Kintish Youtube Channel:  

How to choose ISP or consumer Internet access in South Africa
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This is a portion of an interview for Huisgenoot magazine from 2007. I’m not even sure if it was ever published because the journalist was forced to redo the initial interview, which focussed on Skype to include a few questions about Internet access.

Algoa Sun interview with Ramon Thomas
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The following interview was published on page 8 of the 31 July 2008 issue of the Algoa Sun, a community newspaper in Port Elizabeth. The title for the article was fascinating choice by the editor, The Ethics of IT Dating. I will add a scanned copy of the interview with their own intro to this

Worm attacks Facebook, MySpace users running Microsoft Windows
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Gareth Roberts, a new member of the team here at NETucation,  alerted me to a new computer worm that attacks Facebook and MySpace users. One very important piece of information left out of most of the news reports on News24 or MyADSL is that ONLY on users running Microsoft Windows are prone to this attract.

Avoiding long distance relationships
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You will always find people who have had success in a particular way of dating because there is such a vast number of variables at play. Long distance relationships for the most part give people a false hope or a lack of control in the outcome, and in my opinion kills your self-esteem. When I