World of Warcraft Birth Control

Regardless of the situation always use birth control. Whoever uses the birth control has the control. You should be using birth control AND so should she. The pill is NOT the only form. There’s about 12 different forms of birth Read More →

MXit Drug Counselling at 27Dinner in Port Elizabeth

Marlon Parker will be visiting Port Elizabeth this week to present an inspirational talk at the regular 27Dinner event this Thursday in Port Elizabeth. The 27Dinner events are free events where geeks and non-geeks get together and discuss technology. The Read More →

Introducing the NOHO office

Everyone in business has heard of the SOHO – Small Office Home Office. Now make way for the NOHO – Small Office No Office. The concept is introduced in a new book released today, “The Mobile Office”, by pioneering technology Read More →

IKM Conference 2008 – Shaping the Future

Every year business leaders, industry and faculty experts come to the IKM Conference to share their knowledge, learn and network. True to the theme of this year’s conference, “Shaping the Future”, presenters will offer cutting-edge knowledge based on relevant, innovative Read More →

Goodbye Miriam Makeba, Mama Afrika

Folk singer, Miriam Makeba, died at age 76 early Monday in Southern Italy after a performing at a concert against organised crime and racism. Spokespeople from the Emergency Room at Pineta Grande Clinic, A private facility at Castel Volturno confirmed Read More →

2008 MyBroadband Conference and Broadband Survey

The 2008 MyBroadband Conference will take place on 27 November at Vodaworld from 10:00 to 16:30. Thanks to the generous sponsorships from Vodacom, Axxess, Poynting, Miro Distribution, Vox Telecom and ECN Telecoms, the conference will be free to all delegates. Read More →