World of Warcraft Birth Control

Regardless of the situation always use birth control. Whoever uses the birth control has the control.

You should be using birth control AND so should she. The pill is NOT the only form. There’s about 12 different forms of birth control and women cannot be allergic to all of them. If a girl is not on birth control, she wants to have a baby. Maybe not right away, maybe not with you, but if it happens she won’t be too upset.

Use A Condom!

Do not, under any circumstances, stick it in without a condom. Even if she says she’s on the pill. You don’t know if she’s tell the truth, or missed a dose, or simply forgot. You just don’t know. Don’t take her word for it and protect yourself. If a women doesn’t believe in abortion and doesn’t believe in birth control that equals someone who wants to have baby.

Remember, 60 minutes of irritation is better much better then 18 years of child support.

Over the Counter Birth Control

  1. Latex & Non Latex Condoms for Men
  2. Female Condom
  3. Spermicide Alone

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MXit Drug Counselling at 27Dinner in Port Elizabeth

Marlon Parker, Brent Williams and Ramon Thomas at Highway Africa, Rhodes University in GrahamstownMarlon Parker will be visiting Port Elizabeth this week to present an inspirational talk at the regular 27Dinner event this Thursday in Port Elizabeth. The 27Dinner events are free events where geeks and non-geeks get together and discuss technology. The purpose of the 27Dinner events is to create awareness about how technology can be used to change in society and also for entrepreneurship and income generation. And the events happen on the 27th of the month in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. This will be the 3rd 27Dinner event in the Nelson Mandela Bay area.

A big part of the motivation for bringing Marlon Parker to Port Elizabeth is to kick start the DAS@MXit in Nelson Mandela Bay area. Over the last three years MXit has grown to over 10 million registered users. This platform, the most widely used instant messaging platform among people 12-25 years old is the most practical method of providing online counselling. In North America and other parts of the world Internet-based online counselling has been available for years now. However, due to the cost of bandwidth in South Africa, cellphone-based online counselling is more practical alternative.

The other guest speakers will be confirmed today and their information posted on where you have to register and add your name to the particular event you would like to attend, in the city of your own choice. Stormhoek wines have sponsored free bottles of wine in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I have yet to persuade them to send some wine to Port Elizabeth for our enjoyment.

This is also the final function for the year that the NETucation team will be organising because we are shifing our focus inwards until 1 March 2009. Planning my 2009 schedule is going to be one of the key success factors to grow the audience to this blog as well as to my other online efforts.


Introducing the NOHO office

Everyone in business has heard of the SOHO – Small Office Home Office. Now make way for the NOHO – Small Office No Office.

The concept is introduced in a new book released today, “The Mobile Office”, by pioneering technology writer Arthur Goldstuck. The book is sub-titled “The essential small business guide to office technology”, and goes beyond the technology to explain how the modern office for both the small business and the travelling executive has changed more radically in the past ten years than in the previous hundred years.

“It’s not just the Internet, not merely the plunging prices of laptop computers, not only the arrival of cellphone banking and mobile e-mail,” says Goldstuck, who heads up the World Wide Worx technology market research organisation.

“It’s about an entire ecosystem that is beginning to support the business person out of the office. Only five years ago, anyone wanting to be untethered from the physical office but remain productive and in touch, faced almost insurmountable obstacles. Now a happy conspiracy of telecommunications providers, device manufacturers, hospitality establishments, and travel services have made it an everyday reality.”

Despite this, however, the practical aspects of abandoning the office while maintaining an office – the key to NOHO – remain complex and confusing for the average person who wants or needs this approach but has no idea where to start or how to choose from the bewildering array of options.

“For example,” says Goldstuck, “one of my favourite and most useful gadgets is a small, portable charger that fits in the palm of the hand and holds just enough power to recharge my cellphone once. It doesn’t seem like much, yet has rescued me countless times while out of the office. And whenever someone sees me using it, they want to know where they can get one – they just didn’t realise it was an option.”

The book guides users through choosing the right computer, deciding what accessories go with it, choosing the most appropriate software, how cellphone banking works with each of the major banks, and a detailed unravelling of Internet connectivity options for business users ranging from solo players to executives. It also delves into the price structure of all the major connectivity options.

World Wide Worx’s annual Mobility research project, which inspired the book, was sponsored by FNB, but the book takes a neutral approach to cellphone banking, apart from one FNB initiative that no other bank yet offers: Cellphone Banking for Businesses with Dual Authorisation.

Goldstuck says that FNB has shown its commitment to research on Cellphone Banking through its sponsorship of the Mobility Research.

FNB Mobile and Transaction Solutions CEO, Len Pienaar, says FNB has been sponsoring the Mobility research project for the past three years and are proud to be the only financial institution to support this initiative.

“The growth of mobile commerce in SA will change the face of business. Business as we know it will continue to evolve with the developments in mobile technology; Cellphone Banking for Businesses will help revolutionise the way business interact with the bank, saving the customer money and adding convenience to their business. Businesses will operate in a seamless fashion where deals and processes can be made in an instant,” concludes Pienaar.

“Ultimately The Mobile Office is a decision-making tool,” says Goldstuck. “It is aimed at helping mobile business people decide what they need, when they need it, how much they will pay for it, and generally taking control of their mobile lives.”

The book is published by Double Storey and is an easy read at 88 pages. It will be available in all good bookstores at a cost of around R80.


IKM Conference 2008 – Shaping the Future

University of Johannesburg, South AfricaEvery year business leaders, industry and faculty experts come to the IKM Conference to share their knowledge, learn and network. True to the theme of this year’s conference, “Shaping the Future”, presenters will offer cutting-edge knowledge based on relevant, innovative and rigorous research.

Come and listen to reflections, estimations and predictions on the coming transformation of strategy, competition, business models, and management and gain insight to what others consider their business challenges, such as:

  • Mr Mike Schussler (T-Sec) on the Future of the Knowledge Economy
  • Ms Luisa Mazinter (The Marketing Site) on the Future of Web 2.0 and Knowledge Sharing
  • Ms Wendy Sealy (Caribbean Development Bank) on Social Capital and Knowledge for Development
  • Mr Max Smeiman (MD, Max Smeiman Associates) on the Future of Virtual Businesses
  • Mr Ramon Thomas (NETucation) on the Future of Social Networking
  • Dr Antonie Botha (Consultant) on the Future of Knowledge Management
  • Dr Piet Steyn (Eskom) on Just-in-time Knowledge Management: A reality or just an aspiration?
  • Ms Marmara Schutte (UP) and Dr Peter Tobin (GIBS) on Knowledge Management and the Food Service Industry.

Be sure not to miss the 8th Annual Information and Knowledge Management Conference on Friday, 4 November 2008, at the FNB Convention and Training Centre in Sandton, hosted by the University of Johannesburg Department of Information and Knowledge Management and chaired by Prof Adeline du Toit. Should you require further information, please contact Ms Andrea Ferreira on +27 (0)11 559-2183 or send an email to


Goodbye Miriam Makeba, Mama Afrika

Miriam Makeba aka Mama AfrikaFolk singer, Miriam Makeba, died at age 76 early Monday in Southern Italy after a performing at a concert against organised crime and racism. Spokespeople from the Emergency Room at Pineta Grande Clinic, A private facility at Castel Volturno confirmed that she was brought there from the concert.

ANSA news reported that she succumbed to a heart attack 30 minutes after the show, in which she showed solidarity toward Italian journalist Roberto Saviano, who had received death threats following on his book, Camorra, which discusses the crime syndicate in the Naples area.

“It’s a monumental loss not only to South African society in general, but for humanity,” said Department of Arts and Culture spokesperson Sandile Memela.

Miriam Makeba or Mama Afrika, as she was affectionately known, was born in Johannesburg on 4 March 1932. The daughter of a Swazi mother (sangoma) and a Xhosa father. She shot to fame in the late 50’s and the 60’s with a documentary (Come Back, Africa) and winning a Grammy working with Harry Belafonte.

She left South Africa in 1959 and spent more than 30 years in exile, becoming known as an anti Apartheid activist in the process. In 1960 when her mother died she tried to return to South Africa for the funeral, but was denied access to the country as her passport had been revoked. Some of her marriages were to Stokely Carmichael (American Civil Rights Activists) as well as Jazz legend Hugh Masekela.


2008 MyBroadband Conference and Broadband Survey

2008 MyBroadband Conference @ VodaworldThe 2008 MyBroadband Conference will take place on 27 November at Vodaworld from 10:00 to 16:30. Thanks to the generous sponsorships from Vodacom, Axxess, Poynting, Miro Distribution, Vox Telecom and ECN Telecoms, the conference will be free to all delegates. Vodacom has even thrown in a free lunch and then drinks after the conference.

It’s easy to register for the conference, simply click on this form.

More information about the conference.

2008 Broadband Survey

It is once again time for our yearly broadband survey. You are given the opportunity to comment on the service levels and pricing offered by your broadband provider and ISP. You will also get a chance to tell your provider what they can do to improve their service, and vote for the Journalist of the Year and Mampara of the Year. Your participation is a valuable means for us to provide feedback about the state of broadband in South Africa from a consumer’s perspective, so please try to complete this survey.

Please complete this 10 minute survey.

R 30 000 WANTITALL.CO.ZA/UKASH COMPETITION and UKash have partnered with MyBroadband to run a competition with R 30 000 worth of prizes over the next two weeks. What makes this competition unique is that you will select the prize/s that you want from the Wantitall store, and if you win you will get what you requested. To enter you simply need to list what you want!

For more information and to enter please follow this link.

We hope to see you at this year’s conference and we look forward to hearing back from you regarding your broadband service. Your feedback helps everyone in South Africa improve their online experience.