nFold seeks Entrepreneur – Software Salesperson with Proposal Talent
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Linked-In Buddy, Do you know someone who fits this description? If so, please ask them to send a CV to Software Salesperson with Proposal Talent You want to sell software, consulting and training. If you are hungry to succeed and you have the following attributes and skills, then please apply for this permanent full-time

Top 10 Mistakes Made In Business Plans
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It’s very important for everyone who’s attending my next Internet Cafe workshop to study this list in great detail. Develop a basic business plan as part of your preparations for this unique training we offer at NETucation that combines the best black business and technology expertise in Southern Africa. Lenders and investors may see hundreds

Coping with onine abuse in South Africa
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Online abuse and cyber bullying is becoming more and more prevalent. The rise of technology and how integral it is becoming part of our lives is indisputable. In South Africa we now have over 5.3 million Internet users and approximately 33 million cellphones users of which over 9 million are mobile Internet users. Think about

Missing Children SA – We need your help…
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From Judy Botes @ Missing Children SA For the December holidays 22 children were reported missing to Missing Children SA. Fortunately – together with SAPS – 19 of these children have been recovered. Since official statistics were started in 1994 OVER 900 OF THE CHILDREN REPORTED MISSING IN SOUTH AFRICA, HAVE NOT BEEN RECOVERED. Experts

Joburg Tweet-Up Name Tags and Event Tweets
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Received this email from the eminent Ryan A. Gibson, organiser of Joburg Tweet-ups… This is our second tweet-up (#JHBtweetup) and it is looking great for attendance. I want to welcome the new members as you have helped this group double in size. Please send your twitter name to me so that I can prepare your

Miss Tukkies Rag Queen Childrens Charity Drive
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Hello Ramon, I got this email from one of the Tukkies Finalists on Monday. I do believe that time is running out on this project. I will copy and paste her email to me and I will attach 2 photos, one of her ( quite a looker) and another group photo. It’s a charity drive

Internet cafe business 2010 workshops schedule
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This announcement is two years overdue. So I apologise to my loyal readers who have persisted in asking me about past Internet Cafe workshops. This is what you have been waiting for! NETucation is South Africa’s leading experts on the Internet Cafe industry, and we are the only organisation to conduct training on how to

George Carlin's Words of wisdom
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This is a master piece… If you have not read it take the time to read it now… If you have read it take time to read it again… If you have read it again… Then, please consider!!! Isn’t it amazing that George Carlin – comedian of the 70’s and 80’s – could write something

South Africa's Internet growth accelerates
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The number of South African Internet users has passed the 5-million mark for the first time, finally breaking through the 10% mark in Internet penetration for the country. This is the key finding of the Internet Access in South Africa 2010 study, conducted by World Wide Worx and jointly sponsored by Cisco. The headline data,

FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s open letter published in Beeld
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This seems to have been a good idea in principal. It’s a pity Michael Jordaan does not have the spine to resist the pressure from trade union Solidarity or white staff. My own experience with FNB since the age of 5 years old has been mostly good. That was until I started my own business