Cyber bullying online abuse South AfricaOnline abuse and cyber bullying is becoming more and more prevalent. The rise of technology and how integral it is becoming part of our lives is indisputable. In South Africa we now have over 5.3 million Internet users and approximately 33 million cellphones users of which over 9 million are mobile Internet users. Think about how many times when you are having a conversation with someone and their phone rings. They will most of the time stop talking to you to answer the phone. And the same goes for SMS messages being sent inside movie theatres or in meetings or in the classroom.

Online harassment is on the increase. There are increasing amounts of cyber-bullying taking place where teenagers purposefully do or say nasty things which is intended to hurt other children. Cyber bullying not only takes place in schools between children, to some extent it is also becoming more commonplace in the workplace. Cyberbullying is also known as cyber harassment between adults.

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