When I was in high school there was a massive teachers’ strike during 1990. This was my Standard 8 or Grade 10 year and we did not have a permanent principal at Uitenhage High School. This was also a time for massive changes in the South African political landscape with Nelson Mandela being released and the ANC with other political parties being unbanned.

It is a complete disgrace: new figures show how teachers failed. Strikes hit school children hard. How can we improve the situation of South Africa and the rest of the dark continent with adults who are not good role models to learners. It’s okay to voice your grievances, however, it’s not okay to drag innocent people down with you. And as for an education department who allows this nonsense to continue, your leadership is demonstrated to be poor.

We live in a world that demands a new approach to teaching children and a new way of thinking about the shifts that happen faster and faster. So when I read this utter bullshit about teachers still striking in 20 years since I was the victim of a teachers’s “chalk down” strike, it become extremely frustrating and angers me to say the least. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and it high time teachers decide if they want to teach or be leaches of the government for the rest of their lives earning a big pay cheque every month and still get loads of holidays unlike other business people who have to work 8-12 hours a day or more 5-6 days a week with maybe 2 weeks holiday in December. Most teachers in government schools are the worst examples today of how to do the absolute minimum, still get paid and fake it till you make it.

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