Freedom is making up your own mind

Beware of him who tries to poison your mind against another under the pretence of helping you. The chances are a thousand to one he is trying to help himself.

South African poet and painter Breyten Breytenbach tells of a black man named Freedom who was the property of a one-legged slave owner in the days before the abolition of slavery. Whenever the owner bought a new pair of shoes, he gave the left one, which he couldn’t use, to Freedom. Eventually, wearing two left shoes deformed Freedom’s right foot, and he was permanently crippled by the “generosity” of his master. Don’t be fooled by people who attempt to further their own interests under the guise of helping you. Listen to advice from others, thank them for their interest, and make up your own mind about what is best. Follow their advice if it fits with your plan for your life, but don’t hesitate to discard it if it doesn’t. In all the world, there is only one individual who knows what is best for you, and that person is you.

source: The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Thought of the Day



Another excellent interview between journalist Jon Rappoport and hypnotherapist Jack True: In this conversation, from 1990, hypnotherapist Jack True discusses the space-time continuum.

Q (Rappoport): How does hypnotic trance relate to space-time?

A(Jack True): That’s a question I’ve looked into for years. First of all, all trances are not equal. I have my own way of putting people into a light trance, which isn’t deep enough for suggestions to have any effect. It’s about getting a patient into a place where he is able to focus clearly without any distractions. But there is something else, too. In this state of mind, he’s not tied so closely to physical reality. He’s aware of it, but he’s floating. He’s a bit removed from its influence. He’s not so much a slave to it. He’s, you could say, in a different space, and a different time.

Q: He’s in a dream state?

A: Not quite. More like a pre-dream state, just before a dream begins.

Q: Does this have something to do with why sleep is so important?

A: Well, sleep is necessary for several reasons. But in this sense, it’s important because the shackles that tie a person to physical-reality space and time are unhooked. He can go elsewhere.

Q: And why does that matter?

A: Because the space-time continuum is just one reality. And at some level, a human being knows this. That’s the point, you see. He knows this. And he doesn’t want to stay glued to that one reality. Why should he? There are lots of other places to go. And those places, in certain respects, are far more interesting and fulfilling.

Q: You keep coming back to this theme.

A: I have to. It’s central. Desire precedes reality.

Q: That’s an interesting way to put it.

A: It’s accurate. So if a person becomes all wound up in this continuum-which of course he does-than he loses sight of what? Desire. Because it seems then that reality defines what can be legitimately desired. Everything is backwards. Desire becomes diluted and blunted. And that’s when people lose power.