A Prayer for Peace Using Social Networking

Recently I received a very interesting press release about a new social networking website to promote peace. So I emailed the founder Hasitha Amarasena to request an email interview and give this a better context in a world flooded with Facebook.

1. What is your motivation to start this project?
In the knowing that having a thought is in itself a powerful influential act. From that thought came the idea to create a social network that displayed the world’s problems and giving the whole world an opportunity to contribute positive words or prayers to each world issue. I believe with the power of social media we can energetically connect together and solve the world’s problems. I have a genuine belief we will have world peace within our life time. To finally live in a love based world instead of a fear based world. Prayers for Peace will be the largest Peace movement in the world!

2. How does your social network increase peace, and decrease violence in the real world?

The site presents real-time news updates of worldwide implications and it also ensures that the news remains in the forefront of our thoughts until resolution. Now for the FIRST time you have the opportunity to post your positive expressions along with the news and see how your contribution affects our world. Throughout the centuries great minds have acknowledged the intensity of power resulting from collective positive energy and prayer. Have you ever wondered if prayers and positive thoughts really worked? Now
we have a chance to see the results.

3. How is your social network relevant in a world dominated by Facebook?

Facebook is a one of many social networks. Social networks existed prior to Facebook. Social networks demonstrated how we can easily communicate with people all over the world in seconds. Social networks revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. Here is a list of all the other social networks.

4. How does your social network relate to mobile phone users who don’t have access to a computer/laptop?

We are currently working on applications for the website to work on all mobile devices and are translating the site into different languages.

5. How does your social network relate to South Africa?
We will present real-time news of worldwide implications, which would include South Africa.

Groundbreaking Social Networking Site Has Launched

Social networking is fun! No matter where you and your friends are you can stay connected, share your pictures; exchange updates and always know what’s going on. Now, let’s take social networking to another level and add more features that allow YOU to be part of the solution to the world’s problems. But how?

For the FIRST time ever a social networking site for news, dedicated to Peace has launched. The site presents real-time news updates of worldwide implications and it also ensures that the news remains in the forefront of our thoughts until resolution. You no longer have to feel paralyzed by the news you read or see.

PrayersForPeace.net provides a platform that provides a CONNECTION between YOU and the world’s problems. Throughout the centuries great minds have acknowledged the intensity of power resulting from collective positive energy and prayer. Also, you have been taught that through positive thoughts and prayers, you could move mountains and miracles will occur. Now for the first time you have the opportunity through PrayersForPeace.net

Join PrayersForPeace.net to test these principles and theories and share your positive expressions along with the news and see the effects it has on our world. This social network motivates us to set aside our differences and embraces all cultures, religions, traditions and beliefs. It encourages you to create friendships with everyone in the world. There are no limits to the amount of friends you can have. We have a symbiotic relationship with everyone in the world. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. If you are alive at this moment, you can be part of the solution! We can be the Peace, we want in the world.


How to Use Skype for Mobile and Smart Phones

Skype is a VOIP or voice over internet protocol software that supersedes the cellphone networks. It allows people to communicate over long distances instead of using mobile phones and using airtime. It provides services similar to telecommunication providers except that it uses the internet as its primary mode of communication both for text chat and voice chat.

As long as you have on your smart phone and use one of the recommended mobile data packages or then you will be able to make calls that you normally cannot make when using the services of your local telecommunication companies. You can even make complete free Skype-to-Skype calls when you are using wifi networks in the South Africa or elsewhere.

Skype mobile is a new feature developed by the makers of Skype in order to make phones such as Android phones, Blackberry phones together with iPhone and iPad units compatible with the Skype software application. In order to know more about this brilliant new feature, it is necessary to discuss it per phone.

Skype for android is an application made especially for the Android platform. It is compatible with both Wi-Fi connection and 3G connection, allowing you to make large scale calls via both connections. You can easily connect to other android phone users by using the Wi-Fi connection of the local mall or store situated in your area. You can also make full use of the 3G services being provided by Vodacom, Cell C or MTN if you are located in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria. All there is to it is to install the android based Skype in order to get started.

Blackberry is another mobile phone type that is being widely used in a global scale today. Whether you are situated in Cape Town, Durban or any other major city in South Africa, you will surely be able to see people using blackberry phones. This prompted Skype to develop Skype for Blackberry, an application that is perfect for the blackberry phone with models 2009 and up. This version of Skype allows Blackberry phone users to freely use the Skype application similar to any other Blackberry based application being widely used today.

Skype is also available for the iPhone and iPad. For iPhones, it is already compatible with the first releases as long as the iPhone is 3G compatible. You can also opt to go for the newly released iPhone 4 in order to use the much faster 4G connection for easier calls worldwide. You can also use Skype for iPad. Depending on your accessories you can use either or both text chat and voice chat with this powerful tablet pc or personal computer from the Apple Mac brand.

Whether you have the Skype for Android or Skype for Blackberry or Skype mobile, you will surely be able to make full use of the Skype application wherever you are, whenever you want to. As long as you have a good internet connection then you can easily download and install Skype for any compatible device. You can also buy credits using your mobile or internet plan or via your debit or credit card, whichever you prefer. The best part here is that the credits will already reflect on your Skype balance in as fast as 10 minutes!


An Artificial World

This week we feature another deeply insightful piece by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport on artificial intelligence. He’s been discussing genetics in his weekly radio show on PRN and on his own newsletters for several weeks now.

investigative report Jon RappoportAPRIL 20, 2011. Futurists are inclined to predict a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) will take over a major portion of what is now human activity. In a matter of decades, for example, they say one computer will have more capacity than all the human brains on the planet put together.

Then, the prediction goes, AI will be virtually human, or more than human. However, just because AI has greater computational skills than any person or group of persons, where is the quality that makes it human?

In order to answer that, you have to perform a little trick. You have to say that humans are really only high-class machines. Many pundits have no difficulty with this, because they see humans as problem solvers, period. And that’s what a machine is.

It’s just like the genes-cause-everything hypothesis. Since all existence is assumed to take place on a material level, on a physical level, it’s only a matter of of time until we figure out which genes create which human qualities. Eventually, we’ll have a complete map.

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Using Skype in South Africa To Save Money

Skype is a very useful software application that has been developed for VOIP calls or voice over internet protocol calls. You will be able to reach any person anywhere in the world as long as you have the needed requirements. Such requirements include but are not limited to:
Ramon Thomas Skype Status

  • A personal computer, laptop computer, netbook computer, tablet pc or any other device that is compatible with Skype. Preferably it has the latest specs.
  • A compatible internet phone or headset that you can use for making calls and dialling mobile numbers.
  • An active and strong internet connection that will allow you to stay in touch for long periods of time.
  • The latest Skype software application installed in your computer or Skype compatible device. You can even use Skype with the latest models of mobile phones.

You need to buy Skype credits in order to make some calls in South Africa. This is due to numerous factors including the charges attributed by the peer to peer connection established using Skype and any third party telecommunications company in South Africa. The best part here is that Skype is cheaper and more affordable when comparing the rates with South Africa’s leading telecommunication companies such as Telkom, Vodacom and MTN. With Skype, you will be able to make unlimited calls for as long as you pay around R50 up to R350 depending on your location and the Internet Service Provider that you are using.

If you are living in South Africa, then Skype is the perfect application for you to use in order to stay in touch with your love ones. There are numerous questions that plague Skype users in this continent and the most popular one is:

“Where can I buy Skype Credits?”

There are multiple methods in buying Skype Credits in South Africa and these are:

  • Skype credits can be easily bought via the official website of Skype. You can also buy these credits when you log-on to your Skype account using the latest Skype software application that you have downloaded. All there is to it is a debit or credit card that you can use in order to pay for the credits in order to get started. Around 3 minutes up to 5 minutes is needed and you can complete your credit purchase and such amount will reflect on your Skype credit balance.
  • Skype Credits can also be bought with the use of PayPal. This is due to the fact that PayPal is an international mode of payment used by Skype all over the world and since FNB, a major player in the South African banking industry, has already made a strong partnership with PayPal. As such, all there is to it is for you to open your very own PayPal account in order to get started. You can also use a debit card, credit card or cash card in order to enlarge your PayPal limit in order to purchase larger bulks of Skype credits. Buying Skype Credits has never been this easy like ever before.

Using Conference Calling

Following on from my blog in February about the rise of cellphone owners opting to use cellphone banking in South Africa, I started to think about how the telecommunications market has changed over the years, and what this has meant for the consumer, and most importantly how this has changed businesses’ services for the consumer.

While you may have never used cellphone banking, and you may just use online banking for your personal and/or business account, cellphone banking is a way to instantly check your balance, make a payment, such as rent or a credit card bill, and it take a lot less time to do when compared to the more traditional method of banking namely physically going into a bank and having a bank teller deal with your enquiry.

The fact that members of the public can now deal with their own finances from such a remote area is quite an achievement for the telecommunications industry, and another achievement is of course, conference calls. A common site in offices and business around the world, teleconferencing, like cellphone banking enables users to do important tasks remotely, such as taking part in office meetings or just being part of the daily grind.

With conference calling, a user can join in meetings or briefings no matter where they are in the world, which eliminates the need for travel. Participants must dial into the call using a special PIN, which is unique to them, all they need is a phone, be it a landline or a cellphone and they will be able to conduct important business by being part of their employer’s telephone conference.

Telecommunications are becoming more advanced every year, so make sure that you’re not left behind when the next big thing comes out.


Animated Alan Watts

Alan Watts was a prolific author of books on comparative religion. He was a genius at contrasting Christianity, Judaism with Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. In many ways has what Osho called Zorba the Buddah because he had his feet firmly in the West and the East. After growing up in England he settled in California for most of his life.

His most popular books include The Way of Zen (1957) and Tao: The Watercourse Way (1975). Many of his recorded lectures are highly entertaining and he often described himself as a spiritual entertainer not a guru. The animations below were produced by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, the creators of South Park.

Prickles & Goo


The Earth is People-ing


The Unsettling Truth About Life