A Prayer for Peace Using Social Networking
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Recently I received a very interesting press release about a new social networking website to promote peace. So I emailed the founder Hasitha Amarasena to request an email interview and give this a better context in a world flooded with Facebook. 1. What is your motivation to start this project? In the knowing that having

How to Use Skype for Mobile and Smart Phones
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Skype is a VOIP or voice over internet protocol software that supersedes the cellphone networks. It allows people to communicate over long distances instead of using mobile phones and using airtime. It provides services similar to telecommunication providers except that it uses the internet as its primary mode of communication both for text chat and

An Artificial World
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This week we feature another deeply insightful piece by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport on artificial intelligence. He’s been discussing genetics in his weekly radio show on PRN and on his own newsletters for several weeks now. APRIL 20, 2011. Futurists are inclined to predict a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) will take over a

Using Skype in South Africa To Save Money
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Skype is a very useful software application that has been developed for VOIP calls or voice over internet protocol calls. You will be able to reach any person anywhere in the world as long as you have the needed requirements. Such requirements include but are not limited to: A personal computer, laptop computer, netbook computer,

Using Conference Calling
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Following on from my blog in February about the rise of cellphone owners opting to use cellphone banking in South Africa, I started to think about how the telecommunications market has changed over the years, and what this has meant for the consumer, and most importantly how this has changed businesses’ services for the consumer.

Animated Alan Watts
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Alan Watts was a prolific author of books on comparative religion. He was a genius at contrasting Christianity, Judaism with Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. In many ways has what Osho called Zorba the Buddah because he had his feet firmly in the West and the East. After growing up in England he settled in