Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda
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My best friend Bradley Minnaar introduced me to the beautiful poetry of Pablo Neruda. He paid me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received by telling me that my poetry was similar to that of the great Neruda. You can read my poetry on the website. But here is one of the classics

Stress Tension Loneliness Depression
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A friend of mine Jess Miller wrote a book called “We’re all in this together“. In the book he spoke about Stress, Tension, Loneliness and Depression (STLD). I have been trough two serious bouts of depression first in at the end of 1999 and into 2000 and then to a lesser extend in 2001. These

Up, up and away…Superman
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Superman, the archetypal comic book superhero was born in the early 1930’s depression era America. The brainchild of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster Superman was initially a villain but soon became the greats hero known to mankind. The myth of Superman is essentially that he was born on the planet Krypton with a

Help get America out of Iraq
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The Iraq war is a farce and we all know it. The United States of America led by George (Dubya) Bush had invaded a sovereign country that was not a threat to America. For the last 18 months we’ve been bombarded with an assortment of lies. Even the once respectable Colin Powell, LIED in front

The Apprentice on SABC3
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The Apprentice is a new reality show on SABC3 on Wednesdays from 19h30 to 20h30. It replaced the long running 2nd season of the Weakest Link, in which I starred on 12 August 2004. This show is great fun, entertainment and can teach you business savvy from one of the most succesful real estate entrepreurs

An Ode to Tania Hoffman
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I have beautiful memories about YOU. Thanks you for all you have taught me about Life. We had it all for a moment in time: friendship, love, pain, joy, happiness, anger, wisdom, pleasure, blessings. This is the last goodbye to my beautiful ex-girlfriend, Tania Hoffman. Loosing my Faith in Fate was the last poem I

Goodnight, Seattle
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This is the famous words spoken by Dr Frasier Crane played to perfection by Kelsey Grammer for the last 11 years. Besides the X-Files, Frasier was the only TV show over the last couple years I’ve always made an effort to watch. The X-Files also ended it’s run on SABC2 in 2004. I regularly record

I Want To Believe
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This was a quote on a poster always present in the office of Fox Mulder from the X-Files. The last X-Files season ended about a month or two ago in South Africa. Wanting to believe in something seems to be inherent in most of humanity. If you want to believe there is a God, whatever

Vista University – I salute you
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They say there is a time to reap, a time to sow. There’s a time to be happy and a time to be sad. Today as I’m preparing for exams on Tuesday, 8 June, I’m thinking back to my initial tertiary education at Vista University. In 1992 they visited my high school, Uitenhage High, and

Trying to imagine a future possibility
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I’ve had a flu since last Friday and the coughing comes out in bursts. Besides that and little else I’ve been spending time with a real special person. She cannot be named right now but I hope to real soon. A good friend and more she has emerged from a shell and allowed me into