International Social Media Day 2012

International Social Media Day South AfricaSomeone once said the Geek may inherit the Earth 🙂 South African Geeks are coming out in droves on June 30, 2012 for International Social Media Day. There’s free drinks and in some cases snacks to be enjoyed with your fellow social media fanatics. Mashable a leading blog on technology and social media started International Social Media day for the last three years. This is the perfect events to meet people you’ve been following on Twitter or Facebook, and getting to know them in the real world.

Anyway here’s the most important events listed happening around South Africa. All events start 7pm, so arrive early to ensure you get the best seats in the house. Take a moment to follow the key contacts for each city as I’ve linked directly to their Twitter accounts for easy access:

  1. Cape Town Social Media Day: taking place at Fire & Ice Hotel. Contact Fatima Razzak
  2. Johannesburg 1st Social Media Day event: taking place at Nino’s Rosebank. Contact  Tallulah Habib
  3. Johannesburg 2nd Social Media Day: taking place Fire & Ice Hotel, Melrose Arch, Contact Jodene Shaer
  4. Durban Social Media Day: taking place at Livingstons Gastropub. Contact Fred Felton

You can simply show up although it helps to RSVP before hand so you can checkout who else is going. Social media is not only for geeks but everyone who enjoys using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Be sure your smartphone or iPad is fully charges because you’re bound to spend some time connecting with the people you meet, following them and asking them to follow you back.

  • When tweeting use #smday or #smdayza to localise your Twitter messages to South Africa
  • Also use #FollowSA hashtag originated by Jodene Shaer.

Before you leave, take 6 minutes and watch this video on how Social Media helped other business people grow their companies and profits.


How to Improve Your Communication

Dr. Carol Fleming’s Book: “It’s the Way You Say It: Becoming Articulate Well-spoken and Clear” has just been published . What you say is important, but how you say it, and how you look when you say it, is even more important. The book will help you become more articulate, well-spoken, poised and gracious. Considerable attention is given to the various forms and subtleties of non-verbal communication. You will not find a more comprehensive guide to speaking improvement than “It’s the Way You Say it: Becoming Articulate, Well-spoken and Clear.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad personified!

Jack, a smart businessman, talks to his son Jack: I want you to marry a girl of my choice Son : “I will choose my own bride”. Jack: “But  the girl is Bill Gates’s daughter.” Son : “Well, in that  case…” Next Jack approaches Bill Gates.

Jack: “I have a husband for your daughter.” Bill Gates : “But my daughter is too young to marry.” Jack: “But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank.” Bill Gates : “Ah, in that  case…”
Finally Jack goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Jack: “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.” President : “But I  already have more vice-presidents than I need.” Jack: “But this young man is Bill Gates’s son-in-law.” President : “Ah, in that case…..”

This is how business is done! Don’t waste your time reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad – maybe you must find yourself a rich dad not a poor dad and marry him or have yourself adopted.

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Top 10 Motivational Speakers on Twitter

Top 10 South African motivational speakers on TwitterThere is one sure way to get people attention, and that is to compare them to others in their industry or sector. A recent controversy spawned this list. In 2011 I experimented with various SEO techniques. SEO is the science of optimising web pages to rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing.

For the last 15 years on the Web, this was the best way people found your website. The growing influence of social media is shifting the local of control from Google and Yahoo as sources of traffic.

Anyway, we present here the Top 10 South African Motivational Speakers on Twitter:




Vusi Thembekwayo 6608 Vusi Thembekwayo #1 SA Speaker on TwitterVusi is a Speaker, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Father. Ranked 10th in ‘Johannesburg’ on twitaholic I do not understand why his tweets are currently protected.After 10667 tweets, and a new Facebook campaign to “Stop NYDA” it’s clear that Mr Thembekwayo values this particular social media platform highly.
Estienne de Beer 1590 Estienne de Beer is a Wildlife Motivational Speaker to corporate companies with his 1 hour inspirational talk = Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace. After 201 tweets it seems mostly like self promotion and no real conversations. Low frequency twitter users are unable to leverage social media influence. Therefore they’re ranked 154th in their ‘South Africa’ on twitaholic!
Guy Lundy 1550 Guy broke into the public consciousness because of his book “South Africa: The Good News.” As CEO of Accelerate Cape Town, he is a well-respected futurist, strategist, writer, speaker and seems like Clem Sunter’s heir apparent in my view.
Douglas Kruger 1301 Douglas is an acquaintance and fellow Toastmasters member. Professional Speaker, Author, and Trainer with several books under his belt. He speaks on expert-positioning and hamster-thinking. He reached 2nd place at Toastmasters global speaking competition in 2004. His tweets are informative, funny and personal.
Michael Jackson 1057 Mr Jackson is a worldwide professional speaker on global business trends & change. With 1834 tweets he is reasonable active and tweeting Zwelinzima Vavi and other high profile people. He is ranked 1st in the location ‘Usually on an aircraft’ and has a great sense of humour.
Wolfgang Riebe 1015 Wolfgang is an established International Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Mind Shift Guru, MC & Comedy Corporate Illusionist. My friend and UFOlogist Cristo Louw brought him to my attention a few years ago. He’s also the most recent President of the Professional Speakers Association
Jono Quail 963 Jono came to my attention because of his run in with the law regarding his car number plate. He is founder & CEO, & Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Values & Transformation Expert, Business Consultant, Life & Success Coach & Spiritual Teacher. After 1657 tweets he is active.
Robin Banks 578 Robin is the official trainer of John Kehoe’s MindPower seminars in South Africa. He’s an international Motivational Speaker and Mind Power Coach in his own right now. With only 25 tweets he is clearly lacking a strategy or a PA savvy enough to update his Twitter.
Andrew Horton 426 Business and Success Coach, Key Note Speaker,;
Billy Selekane 228 The Professional Speakers Association award him with special recognition in Durban earlier this year. I am an Author , Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Businessman. I am Executive Chairman of The Billy Selekane Group

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Joburg Tweetups launches on Youth Day

This Youth Day the first ever Joburg Tweetup takes place in Soweto. The event hosted by Internet evangelist, Ramon Thomas, takes place on Saturday, June 16 at the renowned Wandies Place starting 1pm. We invite you to join this special occasion, raising awareness of the extraordinary power of social media among to youth of South Africa’s largest township.

Haroun Kola Blogger Your Day Tweetup SpeakerHaroun“As Twitter drives social change and social networks become mainstream, the youth have a critical role to play driving the communication channels of tomorrow.  The 160 character limitation of Twitter is an ideal medium for kids brought up on a diet of SMS-lingo,” says Haroun Kola, one of the speakers at the #YouthDayTweetup.

Joburg Tweetups have grown to over 400 members since launching in 2009. Many of the members are among the most influential or Twitterati like Melanie Minnaar, the founder of Twitter Blanket Drive and Bruce Mubayiwa, the LinkedIn Coach, both speaking at the #YouthDayTweetup.

“Tweetups are social meet-ups where we get together and chat about Twitter and how we use in our daily lives,” asserts Ramon Thomas, the new organiser of Joburg Tweetups. “The key to networking is meeting people and establishing trust, honesty and respect. Tweetups are the perfect platform for formal networking and informal networking.”

To grow Tweetups we add value to Twitter users by providing a safe and fun environment for them to meet, chat, laugh and network. As we launch the #YouthDayTweetup in Soweto, we acknowledge the revolution that broke the camel’s back, took place exactly 30 years before Twitter launched in 1976. Twitter made headlines over the last two years as the main ingredient in the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East.


Melanie Minnaar Soweto #YouthDayTweetup speakerAfter lunch starting 2pm three speakers will address the #YouthDayTweetup discussing how they use Twitter in their personal and professional lives.

  • Bruce Mubayiwa: a top LinkedIn Coach is proud to be African. He loves LinkedIn & Social Media, Technology & Innovation. He uses Twitter to motivating & uplifting others with solid advice on careers and business networking.
  • Haroun Kola: Eco geek, blogger and social entrepreneur has a diverse experience using Twitter ranging from topics on the the spiritual life to subtleties of software. He will talk on how he makes money from blogging.
  • Melanie Minnaar: is managing director of Halo, a marketing agency. She’s a mom to archangels, wife to an IT geek and proudly part of the Chinese diaspora. Her passion on Twitter is annual Twitter Blanket Drive #TBDZA which had collected over 1,000 blankets for homeless children.


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Media Contacts

: To interview any of our speakers before or during the #YouthDayTweetup contact them directly

  • Ramon Thomas: 081 4399 555
  • Bruce Mubayiwa: 072 385 8520
  • Haroun Kola: 084 511 7613
  • Melanie Minnaar: 082 880 4855

South African Social Network FACTS


Give yourself some Credit – Capitec Bank

Recently I closed my FNB business account and made a fundamental decision to move all business transaction to Capitec Bank where possible. This bank unlike the infamous “big four” has one only account: Global One, a savings account. They recently polled a number of social media users and produced this useful infographic on how and why people use credit (debt from banks) in their daily lives.

Make Smart Credit Decisions | Capitec Bank South Africa