Experience the new TED Books App

After more than a year of planning and development, we’re excited to today unveil the new TED Books App. Since launching TED Books in early 2010, we’ve been dreaming of how to meld the experience of book reading with the Read More →

WikiLeaks wins case against Visa

We completely support WikiLeaks and encourage you to make donations to┬áJulian Assange legal fund here like we have done. A court in Iceland has ruled that Visa and MasterCard’s local partner broke the law in the country by blocking WikiLeaks Read More →

Update on John Taylor Gatto

Update on John Taylor Gatto This update was sent to us from Tragedy and Hope community newsletter on July 1, 2012: As many of you are aware, John suffered multiple strokes in the weeks after visiting us in Connecticut and filming the Ultimate History Lesson Read More →

5 Ways To Keep Training Fresh

5 Ways To Keep Training Fresh Recently a freelance journalist working for Destiny Magazine asked me to answer questions on keeping training fresh. All my training workshops I’ve developed under NETucation have been designed for skills not qualifications. Here is my experience: We live in a Read More →