Mother and Infant Bonding
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A few years ago I discovered the work of Joseph Chilton Pearce in Biophile magazine, now out of print. Here’s an import video for mothers and “This brief nine minute program may be the most important you, as a mother, father or caregiver, will ever see. Bonding is much more than what we ‘think.’ It

Avoid Fake Registry Mechanic Security Scans
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Symantec was sued by a Washington resident for running fake scans to get people to pay for subscriptions to PC Tools’s Registry Mechanic, Performance Toolkit, and Norton Utilities. The lawsuit claims the company intentionally ran the fake scans and the results were not real. Norton Anti-Virus is a dog, so it behaves like one. We

Using open source stock photos
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  Showing my ART100 students how to search the stock.xchng and save the correct information for attribution. Source :  

Women Turned Off by Smartphone Apps
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This story got our attention because it presents significant risk to single women. After researching online dating since 2004 we have confirmed that using technology for dating is biased towards men and this increases significantly in big cities. Anyway decide for yourself after reading this: People have long looked to computers to meet potential dates.

SATweetups Wants Event Host and Ambassadors
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Earlier this year Joburg Tweetups died and #SATweetups was born. We’ve hosted numerous events over the last few years attracting over 428 people to join the group. Our Tweetups was always simple and social events for people who  follow each other on Twitter to meet in-person. There was no speakers or speeches. This is the

From Acquisition of Knowledge to Programmed, Conditioned Responses
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Education: From Acquisition of Knowledge to Programmed, Conditioned Responses source:Hour of the Time  

Siyavula Open Source textbooks information evenings
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Today we had two conversations with Edu-board in East London who referred us to the Team at Siyavula in Cape Town. Following our telephone conversation, I must share the information below on their information evenings in Durban and Cape Town. We’re looking for a way to bring them to Port Elizabeth and East London, to

#edchat Join Weekly Twitter Chat on Education
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A twitter chat for the South African education community takes place from 20h30 to 21h30 each Monday evening GMT+2. Private school teachers and public schools teachers have an open conversation about children, teaching, learning and technology. To vote for your choice of topic for the coming week, please head over to #edchatsa website and add your

Online gambling promises new revenues for Facebook
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Comment: This seems a latest attempt to ensure revenue and cash flow grows after listing for Facebook. UK-based online gambling holding Gamesys has launched a new Facebook app called ‘Bingo Friendzy’, the first to hit the social network’s App Center that lets UK users aged 18 and over to play an online game for real

Cyber bullying among Children in Gauteng
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In 2012 Cyberbullying is no longer a joke.  UNISA released a study questioning children’s increasing use o cell phones as a learning tools. Research by Prof Deon Tustin, head of the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) indicates that 24.2 % of children in high schools use phones to improve mathematics and 23% use them to