The 4 Ways to Spend Money
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The problem with government funded schools: they spend someone else’s money on other people’s children. According to economist Milton Friedman, the worst possible scenario for spending money.  

The Future of Learning, Networked Society
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This video features three heroes of education: Seth Godin, Prof Sugata Mitra and Daphne Koller among other schooling and education experts. After watching this video, there is hope for your children, for South Africa and parents who are tired of delgating the learning to forced compulsory schools run by governments. Technology is changing the way

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month
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Protect Before You Connect! Simple precautions to avoid an online personal privacy disaster. The Internet is an amazing, fantastic, vibrant place. But there are also evil people out there who steal identities, hack credit card accounts, track personal information, violate privacy, insert malicious programs that can exploit your company or home network, destroy your hard

Bronwyn Nielsen interviews Dr Demartini
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This is the Captains of Industry interview with Bronwyn Nielsen on CNBC Africa, based in Sandton. In this segment she interviews Dr John Demartini, renown author and professional speaker. I’ve completed two courses with him: Breakthrough Experience and his Speed Reading & Learning Dynamics seminars. Both are highly recommended including all his books.